20+ Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs Images and Ideas 2019-2020

nail art designs 2019

Nail art designs are all time favorite for all Women all over the world. How about trying beautiful and creative Designs for your nails in 2019. We are always there to help you. We will put our complete effort to reach the best designs with you.

Simple & Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2019 to do at Home

Are you tired of finding nail art designs on the internet? No worries! Here are the beautiful and easy nail art designs for short nails and long nails to try at home.

Step by Step Nail Art Designs 2019 Images

Simple Nail art Design – Navy Blue and Sky Blue Combination

Adorable simple design you just need a small layer or stick. Apply sky blue color. Nail polish and just place a small layer in cross on the nail. Easy design to try at home, Then apply dark blue nail polish in one side. Please make sure you give time to apply for the next color.

Step by Step Nail Art on all Fingers Without Tools

Black and light green combination is always the best color combo. First apply light green color nail polish on all fingers then stick the layer on all fingers as mentioned below .

Apply the black color nail polish on the top and remove the layers.

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs 2019

Navy Blue Nail Art with Flower Design

Apply Navy blue color nail polish in all the fingers. Design a simple flower with white color nail polish on only one finger. Best Nail art design for short finger and long finger

Black Nail Polish with Stone Effects

Matte finish nail polish applies on all fingers. You will have a glitter effect nail polish on the shop buy that and apply on only one nail.

Water Melon Nail Art Design

This is the most trending nail art designs of 2019. Kids will love this design for sure. If you are a watermelon lover then you must try this design.

Apply Red color nail polish on each finger then apply black color nail polish as dotted one in each finger. Apply Green color nail polish on the corner edge. Very Easy Nail art design for beginners to do at home.

Very Simple and Easy Design

Apply white color nail polish on each finger then take any of your Favorite colors and apply as a dotted one in the Outline Layer.

Slanting Line Pink shade nail art design without tools

You no need any tool to apply this nail art design. First, apply pink nail polish for the full nail and in one side just apply lavender shade and in another corner apply black nail polish.

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Flower Nail Art Design

You just need a white, red and Green Color Nail Polish. Apply a white color nail polish then use a pencil to draw a flower. Simple Nail art design to do at home.

Glitter Nail Polish with Stonework Design

Apply grey color nail polish on three fingers and apply white color nail polish in one finer with flower

Mud design Nail art design without Tools

Beautiful nail art design with Matte Finish nail polish. You no need any tools to do this just go for crazy work design.

Valentines Day 2019 Nail Art Design

You can try this beautiful nail art design for this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one
Golden Nail Design with White Layer

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25 Simple and Latest Easy New Mehndi Designs for 2019-2020

mehndi design 2019 simple and easy

Albeit, the designs changing can never be compared yet the new designs are never compared to the like patterns of Mehndi that influence the attraction with a very minimal, varied look in any form that can unveil something new on the young and newly wedded girls hands or feet showing some form of shape or outline that must look very unique and attract more girls. Though the wedding season is right away, we still are running around for a varied Mehndi designs to complete the new mien and get an aura of positive before entering the wedding ceremony or functions.

“No Mehndi, no wedding” the scenario has changed from custom to trend. Every time we check out for a new design. Previously it was completely packed with flowers in our hands on any occasion. Now it is mandatory irrespective of small or big function. Also, the beauty consciousness has increased than ritual awareness. We have listed out latest mehndi designs 2019 simple and easy trending designs.

Similarly coming to mehndi designs recently there is coloured mehndi available in the market that will give rise to best look among all others. Even a simple design has become very interesting while seen in such things because of the chemicals present in it. We listed out the trending mehndi design on the internet and Pinterest, save your favourite image.

Latest Arabic New Simple Mehndi Designs 2019

The themes or the ideas which you create must be clear for yourself and others who see your hand, any point that you give pressure must be understood without the limit for your ideas like an endless ocean. Alternatively, the ideas can also be planned by us.

But see those ideas arise from Arabic Mehndi Design, Eid Mehndi Design, Bridal Mehndi Designs, wedding ideas are very popular and can be used by anyone. Simple and latest mehndi designs for 2019 are shown here

1) Arabic Double Pattern Mehandi Design

This is a very modern and recent design giving a decent look for young girls. It is very easy to draw too giving everyone a fulfilling and complete without any excess fittings over here. It can be tried out for any age.

arabic latest mehendi design
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This is the design of mehndi designs in 2019 that is more impressive to all the ladies and girls. This bloom the inner feeling of every other girl.

mehndi designs

2) Arabic Mehendi Design on Front Hand

The outer side is patterned with beats on the backside while flowers on the inner side showing both sides filled with designs.

easy mehndi design on front hand

3) Beautiful Flower Mehendi Design Image

A happy time starts with a handshake and that should be a memorable one. Ladies would love to do that always. They always want to be at the important position. The girls love to grab attention by showing off.

new mehndi designs 2019 easy

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4) Simple Arabic Mehendi Design 2019

Since it is an Arabic design it is mainly focused until the ends of the fingers, while leaving the sides free making the design prompt and catchy.

simple mehndi design 2019

5) Black Mehandi Style 2019

In 2019, recent days black and colour Mehandi has started to become very popular and including a design that has got leaf and water.

mehandi design 2019

6) Mirror Image Mehandi Design 2019

When it is worn while taking pregnancy shoot this design will look very cute and amazing. Mirror image mehendi design model shows perfect shot.

new mehndi design 2019 simple and easy

7) Arabic Front and Back Hand Mehndi

Here both front and back are shown that is very impressive and relaxing for your hands and sometimes the colour is very impressive and cannot be missed out at any point

front hand and back hand

The completion with a leafy end gives an excellent look showing a complete satisfied design and general complete feeling at the end

mehndi designs 2019 new style simple easy

New Bridal Mehndi Designs 2019

8) Radha and Krishna Mehndi Designs for Wedding

It is the radha and krishna photo seen in the picture. As if reality shows the guy and girl love for the wedding.

Bridal Mehndi Design 2019
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The red, round, half encircled with space gives an excellent look. One of the best trending mehndi design in 2019.

beautiful bridal mehendi design

9) Mehendi Designs for Functions

The best thing in function is Mehandi where we can draw the importance of the function. Bridal mehendi design on the full hand is the perfect one for wedding.

Function Mehndi Design

10) Ah!!! Completely Packed Design

Perfect design that is completely packed with no chance for a small space too left behind unattended.

mehendi design on full hand

Pakistani Eid Special Mehendi Designs 2019

11) Full Hand Simple Pakistani Design

The water drops and zig-zag mannered design giving an impact of complete full filling design on the hands making it interesting to see
pakistani full hand mehendi design
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12) Mehendi Design Only for Palm

If the palms are empty it will look odd without designs, thus, to enrich the beauty of your palm.  Collection of mehendi design only for palm.

palm mehendi design

If the palms are empty it will look odd without designs, thus, to enrich the beauty of your palm.

13) Peacock Mehendi Design

The design is a very cute one. Nothing can replace it as the peacocks look so perfect in between the flowers is very impressive.

peacock mehandi design

Like how the partner comes from heaven the mehandi with an outer outline and inner lining where the outer line work with little bloom and petals; inner line with a flawless outline.

peacock meheni design

14) Easy Eid Festival Design

As it is a happy function that is to be celebrated will it be possible without mehndi? So, the design must also be fast completion with good look and must. Pakistani mehendi designs 2019 is the special one.

eid mehendi design

Generally, perceives with perfect mehandi designs and it though differs from specialist to specialist.

new design mehndi design

The design covers the entire hand beautifully and can be worn by any girl, women, the kid even the day before grand parties it can be dried, and you become the star of the show.

latest pakistani mehendi

Mehendi Designs for Legs

15) Legs Groomed

This is cool and ideal if kept for a long time with henna. This shows the leg with a new design in this year 2019. Mehndi design 2019

Not only in hands but in legs too the peacocks can be vibrant

mehendi design for legs

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Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs for Saree and Lehenga 2020

cold shoulder blouse

Sleeveless blouse, boat neck blouse, backless blouse, window blouse become old model in the recent days cold shoulder blouse is the latest trend. In 2020 cold shoulder saree blouse designs are really trending in the recent days.

Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs for Sarees and Lehenga 2020

Cold shoulder blouse are called in different shoulder cut blouse, open shoulder blouse, cold tops etc.. Women’s and Girls are interested in buying cold shoulder blouse for saree and lehenga. We have listed out latest best cold shoulder blouse design pattern for lehenga and saree.

Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs for Saree

Designer Cold shoulder blouse pattern – Beautiful designer cold shoulder blouse with full Zardosi work. Short Sleeve grey color shoulder cut blouse best suit for plain saree, designer saree, fancy saree.

lehenga cut shoulder blouse

Net Pattern Cut shoulder blouse – Boat neck blouse plus cut shoulder model kind of beautiful blouse. This is the unique model in the cold shoulder women who are not interested to show their hands they can have net pattern.

cut shoulder blouse designs pattern
Cold Shoulder blouse pattern in Golden Blouse – Golden blouse is the common blouse colour pattern for every saree. Designer readymade cold shoulder blouse in golden pattern. Ready to buy cold shoulder blouse in online shopping. Naira Couture Golden cold shoulder blouse with bead work – You can buy this blouse directly from online shopping sites in India from below link

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Cotton blouse fabric readymade blouse Embroidery Work & Diamond Work blouse size is 36. Extra Sleeves attached in side of the Blouse.->Open-up: Back Side with chain. You can buy this blouse directly from online shopping sites in India from below link

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Readymade Blouse With Latest Cold Shoulder Short Sleeves Adorned With Crystals – Fully stitched readymade blouse fashionable raw silk boat neck blouse with cold shoulder blouse pattern with short sleeve pattern just Rs 899 in Amazon. You can buy this blouse directly from online shopping sites in India from below link

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Cut Shoulder Blouse Collage

Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs for Lehenga

Crepe Silk Lehenga Choli cherry red colour blouse designs for lehenga. Free size model half shoulder blouse best fit for lehenga. lehenga surely looks on-point with the trend.

Cold Shoulder Tops Design for Lehanga. You can buy this blouse directly from online shopping sites in India from below link

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Readymade Designer Blouses Best Selling in Online Shopping

Are you looking to buy readymade blouse online? You landed in a right place as per our visitors request, we started selling online. No! No! Please wait, we are not selling directly instead of that we researched the internet to identify best selling blouses in result of that we landed in top online shopping sites in India  and collected the best selling simple blouse, designer blouse, wedding blouse with ready to buy link.

Readymade Simple & Designer Blouses Best Selling in Online Shopping Websites 2019

In 2018 Wedlockindia showcased only beautiful blouse designs images till date but in this post we are not only showcasing blouse designs in addition to that you have lots of information like price, material and the important thing is ready to buy link. Yeah, you can directly buy a blouse in online shopping sites in India. All the blouses listed below are collected from top online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Limeroad etc..

Designer Blouses Online

3/4th hand Golden Blouse Just Rs 429 in Amazon

This blouse is a unique creation from the designers. No more running around town for alterations. These tailored blouse fit perfectly to your body.This is going to be best selling blouse till 2019.

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Golden Blouse Just Rs 400 in Flipkart

Short Sleeve Golden blouse with pattern work at the top.Boat Neck Women’s Stitched Blouse perfect for all kind of sarees.

golden blouse online 2020

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Designer Golden Blouse Just Rs 999 in Amazon

Fully embroidery stone work and court model blouse best suit for festive wear blouse.

designer blouse online

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Designer Fashion Neck Blouse Just Rs 599 in Amazon

Embroidery fashion neck stitched blouse best suit for designer sarees. It is available in three colors Red, Blue and Green. 

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Round Neck Blouse Just Rs 599 in Amazon

Red Cotton Kacchi Blouse with multicoloured thread embroidery and cotton lining. The blouse has back hook opening.

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Boat Neck Blouse Just Rs 599 in Amazon

Perfect to pair with designer sarees for a glamour look. Wear them at night parties or evening occasions for the best look!

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Round Neck Red Blouse Just Rs 899 in Amazon

Shreeji Designer Fashion Neck Women’s Stitched Blouse available in 6 different colors red, blue,green, golden, pink and more.

red blouse readymade online

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Simple Embroidery & Pattern Work Blouse Online

Black Cotton Lycra Solid Blouse Just Rs 771 in Limeroad

Ready to wear stretchable blouses are available in various colors to match your outfit and fit your shape,

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Red Cotton Lycra Solid Blouse Just Rs 451 in Limeroad

This charming blouse will surely fetch you compliments for your rich sense of style. can fit a wide size range between 28\”-36\”.its a cotton lycra stretchable blouse.

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30+ Latest Cotton Sarees Blouse Designs for 2018-2019-2020

In 2020, There are different variety of sarees are available in the world market but all the beautiful girls and Women’s are love with cotton sarees. Main reason is the extreme comfort-ness of cotton sarees. These cotton sarees has very special place in every Indian woman’s wardrobe as it suits all women irrespective of age.

In Summer season cotton sarees is the best choice to wear on this summer season. From 2018, 2019 fashion world is changing a lot. Every one is looking for different blouse designs patterns for their sarees. Are you going to wear the same cotton blouse for your cotton sarees in this summer? Lets change the costume, choose the best cotton plain blouse designs for your cotton sarees and update your cotton sarees.

Latest Cotton Sarees Blouse Designs Catolgue for Every Women in 2018-2019

Boat Neck Cotton Blouse Designs

Boat neck is the latest model in the recent days. In cotton saree blouse boat neck model plays a major role in the fashion trend. Boat neck model is the best match in cotton saree it looks more elegant and beautiful.

We as a whole know cotton saree blouses are intended to be basic. We don’t deny. However, even in simple blouses you can decide on expansive necks or opening necks to give an aggregate hoisted look. Collection of boat neck cotton saree blouse designs models.

Marron cotton blouse pattern with collage designs in the front neck.3/4th sleeve blouse patterns gives elegant look

Boat Neck with Collar Blouse Designs

Perfect blouse for white saree is black yes both black vs white makes best pattern in the latest designs.

Black Cotton Blouse Designs

Checks pattern is the altime favourite in the cotton saree. Backneck design contains mixed color checks pattern. Best top picks in this catalogue.

Checks pattern in Cotton blouse 

Boat Neck with Collar Blouse Pattern

Boat Neck Back Neck Designs

Ikat Saree Blouse Designs

Simple Plain Cotton Saree Blouse Designs

On the off chance that your saree blouse is of dull shade, endeavor to give some lift by including embellishments around the outskirt. Indeed, even a basic funneling work in differentiating shade can influence your blouse to emerge and eye getting. Simple plain Cotton Saree Blouse Designs collections models

Sleeveless Blouse Designs with Knot work

Cotton Saree with Red Blouse

Cotton Saree with Red Blouse

Kalamkari Cotton Blouse Designs

In 2018 &2019 kalamkari sarees are the best model in the fashion trend. Nowadays most of the kalamkari sareers are cotton sarees. Here is a collection of kalamkari cotton blouse designs patterns

Kalamkari Cotton Saree Blouses

Kalamkari Back Neck Blouse

Back Neck designs with Knot

Designer Cotton Saree Blouse

Everyone wants to add more designs on front and back neck designs. Back neck is where everyone wants to try something new when they go for blouse stitching. Though the front necks are mostly hidden, still you can make use of the visible area for an appealing saree look.  Check out the latest designer cotton saree blouse designs

Nayantara in Designer cotton blouse

Printed Blouse with Zip Model

Kota Cotton Saree Blouse Designs

Are you looking for kota cotton saree blouse designs? Here is a unique collection of kota saree blouse designs models. Kota cotton saree are perfect for office going women.

Simple Kota Saree

Elegant kota Cotton Saree with 3/4th hands

Kota Boat Neck blouse Design

Banarasi Cotton Saree Blouse Designs

Blouse patterns with prints on them looks great with cotton sarees. Banarasi prints and small florals are a big hit.

Collections of Blouse Neck designs models.

Ditch the Marigold Mehendi Decor For These 4 Absolutely Impressive DIY For Your Spring Wedding

One of the most fun-filled and effervescent wedding celebrations is the Mehendi function! With the ever-burgeoning trends and ideas in terms of Mehendi decor, one can never fall short of quirky decor elements and themes for this sheer flamboyant celebrations. The rather informal function is the one where you can completely experiment with the decor in terms of colors and themes to make the most out of its joyous essence!

However, 2017 Mehendi decor trend had been all about the vibrant Marigold flowers and while the trend was as beautiful as it could be, we have had enough of the Marigold Theme Mehendi Decor! For your spring wedding this year, we have listed 5 alternative Mehendi themes for you that will surely create a striking impression for your guests-

1. Ombre Decor

One of the most trending Mehendi decor themes of this year includes an ombre backdrop! Ombre decor is one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes that one can incorporate into their Mehendi venue. The theme can be beautifully set up in the venue with any desirable colour. One can use all sorts of wedding decor elements like flowers, origami, and drapes to set up this theme in their celebrations. Not only will this theme add a splash of your favorite color, but also create a whimsical backdrop for your function!

2. Sunflower Theme

Move over from the Marigold theme to this gorgeous Sunflower one! The beautiful backdrop of Sunflowers on your Mehendi day will not only create a striking impression but also add a dash of vivacity to your celebrations while retaining the essence of Mehendi function. The whimsical theme is unique and gives off a rather rustic look and feels to your function. To complement this theme, use orange colored drapes in your decor and witness the venue transform into a dream-like setup!

3. A Dreamcatcher Themed Mehendi

When you are all set to live your nuptial-dream, what’s better than to incorporate the sacred hoops of Dreamcatchers while embarking your journey? Dreamcatchers not only hold a beautiful significance but also create a gorgeous sight to behold. Upon setting up a dreamcatcher themed decor in your Mehendi venue, you create an unparalleled ambiance in terms of beauty! Choose to hang various colors of these boho elements in your venue to add a dash of vivacity to the celebrations. Instead of the classic dreamcatcher, opt for an Indian-ised version of the same that uses tiles instead of feathers and Ghungroos instead of beads.

4. A Fusion Color Pop Theme

For a celebration as flamboyant as Mehendi in Indian Weddings, a theme that can never go wrong is a Fusion of Color Pops! Splash your Mehendi venues with as many vibrant colors as you can to create an ambiance of sheer vivacity. Fuse the multi-colors into your Mehendi venue and watch it become as whimsical as it could be while retaining the effervescent essence of the celebration! May it be your backdrop, drapes, or decor elements, fill your venue with the combination of bright colors like Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange to have a breathtakingly beautiful setup.

Having your desired theme incorporated into your Mehendi venue isn’t as much of a hassle as it may appear. With the right planning, you can work wonders with your Mehendi venue without many efforts. If you are looking for a flawless Mehendi venue that can very well have your favorable theme set up into it beautifully, visit VenueMonk- Delhi NCR’s leading event planning portal that offers the widest range of bespoke Wedding venues at the guaranteed lowest prices!