Best Selling Krishna Dress for Baby & Kids in Online Shopping Sites

What is Krishna Dress?

Lord Krishna, a prominent deity in Hinduism, is often depicted wearing various types of traditional clothing. His iconic attire typically consists of a dhoti and a peacock feather crown. Here’s a breakdown of krishna dress:

  • Dhoti: Lord Krishna is often portrayed wearing a dhoti, which is a simple, unstitched piece of cloth that is draped around the waist and legs. It is a traditional garment worn by men in India. The dhoti is typically white or another light color and is folded and wrapped around the waist in a specific way.
  • Peacock Feather Crown: One of the distinctive features of Lord Krishna’s attire is the peacock feather crown he wears on his head. This crown is adorned with vibrant peacock feathers that fan out in a beautiful display. The peacock feather is associated with Lord Krishna’s playful and enchanting nature.
  • Flute: While not a part of his clothing, the flute is often depicted as an accessory held by Lord Krishna. He is known for his melodious flute-playing, which symbolizes his ability to captivate the hearts of both humans and animals.
  • Accessories: In some depictions, Lord Krishna may be shown wearing various accessories, such as armlets, bracelets, and necklaces. These accessories can vary in design and symbolism.

It’s important to note that the depiction of Lord Krishna’s dress can vary based on artistic interpretations, regional traditions, and cultural influences. Different forms of artwork, literature, and religious texts may present Lord Krishna in slightly different attire, but the elements mentioned above are commonly associated with his iconic dress.

Buy Popular Krishna Dress in Amazon India

Are you looking to shop krishna dress online to dress up your kids or baby on Krishna Janmashtami then you landed in a right place. We have listed out some of the best selling krishna dress and costume for kids and baby boy from online shopping sites in india. Here you go:

1.Kaku Fancy Dresses offers Krishna Costume for Kids, Baby Krishna Dress for Janmashtami

  • Available Size: 3 Months to 6 Years
  • Price Starts at Rs 299

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2. Raj Fancy Dresses Shri Krishna Dress for Baby Boy & Girl, Janmashtmi Dress with Diaper-friendly Dhoti & Dupatta, Mor Pankh Mukut

  • Available Size: 3 Months to 6 Years
  • Price Starts at Rs 1299

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3. Pakhi Little Krishna Classical Theme Set – Yellow and Red

  • Available Size: 9 Months to 6 Years
  • Price Starts at Rs 1250

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4.BLU VAPOUR Little Baby Krishna ji kanha dress for Kids Boys Girls Janmashtami Set of 11 items includes Pagri, Maharaja Haar and Krishna ji ornaments

  • Available Size: 3 Months to 2 Years
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