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Divorce Photoshoot in India – Woman Celebrates Divorce With Viral Photoshoot

A woman’s photoshoot celebrating her divorce is going viral on social media. Divorce is often considered a personal failure and things are infinitely worse for women in India, who are blamed even for leaving bad marriages. In a society obsessed with marriage, a divorce is seen not just as a failure but also as an indictment. Women are told that there can be no chance for fulfilment after they get divorced. Shattering the stereotypes, artist and fashion designer Shalini came out with a sassy divorce photoshoot.

Sharing the photos, Shalini, who is also a single mom, wrote “a divorced woman’s Message to those who feel voiceless.” She wrote in the caption, “It’s okay to leave a bad marriage cause You deserve to be happy and never settle for less, take control of your lives and make the changes necessary to create a better future for yourself and your children.”

“DIVORCE is NOT a FAILURE!!! It’s a turning point for you and to led positive changes in your lives. It takes a lot of courage to leave a marriage and stand alone So to all my BRAVE WOMEN out there I dedicate this,” she added.

The photoshoot was complete with a red outfit, and a signboard reading “I got 99 problems but a husband ain’t one.” In one of the photos, Shalini can also be seen ripping a photo of herself and her ex.

Check out the photos here:

Source: News18

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