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20+ Matching Couple Tattoo Designs and Ideas with Meaning 2024

Couple tattoos are new trends for young couples to show their love for each other. Just like true love, tattoos also last forever. Getting inked together gives many couples a sense of strength, assurance, and courage about the deep bond they share.
So, here are some beautiful and graceful couple tattoo designs 2024 to get with your right one.

1) Paws Print Tattoos

This super cute paw pair print matching tattoos for couples is very adorable and is sure to be a hit for animal lovers. The print includes a pair of paws print carved on the couples’ shoulders. These cute little paws carved on you and your partner shows love for your dog as well as a sign of togetherness.
couple tattoo on forearm

2) Unique Couple Tattoos

This is for the couple who don’t like to display their love for each other yet want to express their love to themselves; these matching tattoos for couples are for them. This beautiful tattoo represents the universe with stars, planets, sun and the moon carved around the couple’s arms.

minimal couple tattoo

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3) Cute Couple Tattoos

These adorable his and hers tattoos imprinted on the wrist of opposite hands represents a cute couple seeking each other. This tattoo is so cute and blissful that one cannot take eyes off it. At the same time, it says that you are already taken.

couple tattoo

4) Fish Tattoos for Couples:

One of the best fish couple tattoo designs symbolises the couples as the fishes. These colourful and elegant fishes are diving in a deep sea of love holding each other. This tattoo will make the couple realise that their love is like a deep-sea in which they must dive deeper.

soulmate matching couple tattoos

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5) Soulmate Tattoos

It’s another from the list of soulmate matching couple tattoos, but it’s a very elegant design. The hashtag of word soulmate and a couple enjoying and adoring each other makes a perfect choice for soulmates or couples made for each other.

soulmate tattoo

6) Couple Name Tattoos

One of the simplest yet blissful ways to show your love to your partner is by inscribing their name on your hands. This couple tattoo shows the couple having the name of each other on their hands with a symbol of a lifeline at the end. It purely shows what they mean for each other.

couple tattoo designs

7) Infinity Love Tattoos

One of the best his and hers tattoos symbolises forever love and care for each other. These matching tattoos on the wrist of couples show that their love is never-ending of love that can not be measured like there is no limit of infinity. It is a naive diagrammatic manner of sharing their love.

couple tattoos small

8) Matching Kingdom Tattoos

Another couple matching tattoos representing couples as king and queen of each other’s hearts. These small couple tattoos are inspired by how one king or queen ruled someone’s heart. These tattoos are with initials of king and queen with a cute little heart carved between the index finger and thumb.

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9) Married Couple Tattoos

It is one of soulmate matching couple tattoos especially made for married couples. This little tattoo design does not have anything creative, yet its simplicity is enough to make you realise that there is someone for you, and you are also made for them only—only written as Mr. and Mrs., it’s going to take all your heart at first glance.

10) Playful Couple Tattoos

This is one of the best king and queen couple tattoo designs, perfect for couples who treat each other as king and queen. This tattoo carved on the little finger of the couple in black and red ink is inspired by the king of spade and queen of hearts from the cards.

11) Heartbeat Couple tattoos

This could be the most delightful matching tattoos for couples as it shows how someone can be a heartbeat to your heart. It also signifies how one’s heart is incomplete without a heartbeat. Similarly, one person is nothing in the absence of other.

matching tattoo designs

12) Flying bird’s Tattoos

Flying birds are a sign of freedom, emotions, and journey, and honestly, love is another name of freedom. All these things make a relationship more meaningful and worthful. This bird couple tattoo designs will remind you and your partner that you both are free souls who can take this journey of love with freedom.

bird tattoo

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13) Latest Couple Tattoos

If you and your partner have found tattoos and you both complete each other like you don’t need anyone or anything else when you are there for each other. Then this is one of the best couple tattoo ideas for you where one part of the painting is on your back, and the remaining part is on your partner’s back.

couple tattoo on shoulder

14) Sun and Moon Tattoos

This sun and moon couple tattoo ideas represent that couples are like the sun, that lights up day and is always bright and smiling, and other is like the moon with a little darkness, but are gentle and provide hope of light in the darkness at the same time.

scenery tattoo

15) Couple Painting Tattoo

This couple tattoo designs is for all the deeply and madly in love couples. It is a painting with beautiful flowers, clouds, and a Halloween sign. This is an adorable love sign for every couple who want to express their love uniquely.

painting tattoo

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16) King and Queen Tattoos

These are classic his and hers tattoos that can be an excellent choice for couples who treat each other as king and queen. Beautifully carved king and queen crowns with initials and a date you cannot forget. All these special symbols at one place right above the wrist will make you both realise your love.

king queen tattoo design

17) Wrist Couple Tattoos

It is one of those classic king and queen couple tattoos small that are simple yet meaningful. They look good on the thumbs and the hands, so you can pose with your partner’s withholding hands exactly like the one here.

queen king tattoo

18) Alphabet Tattoos

This one of the top couple tattoos small king and queen crown tattoos is an all-time favourite of many couples. Look closely to see the fantastic designs of the crowns customised with initial letters of couple’s names.

his and hers tattoos

19) Corpse Bride Tattoo

These couple tattoo ideas are inspired by the movie “Corpse Bride”. The bride’s tattoo can be perceived as an incredible part of nature that can roam around flowers, wood, and butterflies. The expressions of corpse bride are what makes these tattoos unique.

couple tattoo ideas

20) Lock and Key Couple tattoo

It is one of the excellent creative couple tattoo designs representing you and your partner having the key to each other’s heart. In this tattoo, the lock is inked on the one hand and the key on the other and connected with a chain.

lock and key tattoo image

21) Skull Couple Tattoo

This idea of such a couple tattoo is for those couples who want to make a bold statement with male and female versions of skulls inked on each other’s fingers or thumbs.

matching tattoos for couples

22) Tiny Heart Tattoo

If you are searching for a couple tattoos small that will be your little secret, then this idea is only for you. The hearts are so beautifully placed on both hands that only you and your partner will know, and whenever you hold hands, the heart will be complete.

23) Lifelines Couple Tattoo

This couple tattoo is for all couples who wish to have a small yet deep meaning tattoo. This lifeline tattoo represents endurance, energy, persistence, strength, and the ability to keep moving forward, no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a couple tattoo?

A couple tattoo simply means getting the love, passion and unity inked on the body complementing each other. A couple can get tattoos in many different designs based on their taste.

2. What does it mean when a couple gets matching tattoos?

When a couple gets matching tattoos, it represents a beautiful expression of love through art. It also signifies deep commitments that couples make in love or a relationship.

3. Is it bad luck for couples to get matching tattoos?

People who believe in superstition or many tattoo artists believe that it is bad luck for couples to get matching tattoos, and it can bring bad omen to the relationship.

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