Mehndi Designs 2022

50+ Simple, Arabic & Bridal Mehndi Designs 2024

No Indian festival is complete without Henna or Mehndi in the hands of females. Here are some latest mehndi designs 2024 that would enhance the beauty of your hands for weddings and festivals. So, look at Mehndi designs 2022 that make you stand out in this wedding season.

1. Simple Mehndi Designs 2024

Nothing can overshadow the beauty of simplicity; hence, these Simple mehndi designs fit every Indian occasion, be it a festival or wedding ceremony.

Simple floral henna designs

Floral patterns are one of the most beautiful and ancient of their time. No more change in them, yet beautiful with modern patterns, simple and convenient to make, enhancing your hands. Elegant yet straightforward designs – A big flower in the middle of your palm and round and block patterns at the side outline and detail of the flower to magnify the flower. For the front hand.
latest mehndi designs 2023

Festival Henna Designs 2023

This design is specially made on the festive occasion of the famous festival of india called Navratri. At the festival, the dance performed is called Garba, which symbolises that. It is a traditional design to be made in a plam with such fine detailing, but it looks great.
doll henna design

Spiritual Mehndi Designs

It is a gesture provided by the devotees to show their love to their god by craving them onto their palms, which is a satisfying thing to do. Yet it also looks so beautiful it needs so much practising in craving the lord shiva in the palm. So you must practise well on paper before trying it on your palm.
full hand henna designs

Graceful Yet Straightforward Mehndi Design

The simple and easy mehndi designs on the backside of the palm are mesmerizing. Having flowers and leaves with typical mehndi designs makes it even more beautiful and stylish. This mehndi design is a perfect fit for every Indian woman who prefers simple mehndi designs.

graceful simple mehendi

New Henna Design

From the new mehndi designs, this simple design gives your hand a traditional and modern look simultaneously. Imprinted on the backside of the hand, it consists of some conventional mehndi figures with a touch of contemporary tattoo and designs spread around the whole hand.

latest mehendi designs in front hand

Simple Half Dorsal Covering Mehndi Design

This excellent design is one of the best Simple mehndi designs at the dorsal side of the hand. TheThe way this design elegantly covers small, middle, and ring fingers of the hand along with a beautiful makes it even more graceful.

Simple Ramzan-Eid Mehndi Designs

These simple and easy mehndi designs are best for celebrating Eid and Ramzan festivals. These designs are effortless to carve on hands and look beautiful also. The design on the left side covers the dorsal side of the hand with a beautiful flower, a few hearts with strings, and net designs covering all the fingers.

On the right side, there is a simple mehndi design that can be carved on the palm and the dorsal side of the hand. In any way, it will look fabulous on your hands.

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Modern and Straightforward Mehndi Design

This modern and beautiful mehndi design is one of the topmost simple and easy mehndi designs that reflect stylish looks with the traditional essence of mehndi. This design consists of a beautiful bow on the dorsal side, a similar design is on the back of the index finger, and a fragment of the designs are on every fingertip around the nails.

2. Arabic Mehndi Designs 2024

Arabic mehndi designs feature some beautiful floral designs, king and queen motifs, free-flowing diagonal trails, paisleys, various leaf designs, and intrinsic architecture-inspired patterns.

Simple and straight forwards back designs:

This modern and beautiful mehndi design is simple and easy, and the topmost modern design reflects the stylish and traditional floral. After having this, you don’t have to accessorise your hand. It will look gorgeous as it is.
arabic meheni designs in front hand

Easy and Stylish Arabic Mehndi Design

One of the best Arabic mehndi designs, 2022, looks amazingly beautiful on hands. The design covers the entire palm with three flowers and some geometric designs and lines. The fingers are also colored with leaves, bars, and net patterns.

arabic flower mehendi design

Full Front Hand Arabic Design

Most simple and less time taking mehndi designs looks beautiful, and application of this is convenient. It also covers most of the area of your palm.
front hand mehndi designs 2023

Floral Arabic Mehndi Design

The floral Arabic mehndi designs are among the most Stylish mehndi designs that many girls and females prefer to get on palms and hands. In the picture, you can see some fantastic flowers and leaves with other patterns covering the entire palm and some fingers.

floral mehendi

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Floral design with Arabic patterns and detailed structure of flowers and leaves details and beautiful peacock structure with such a fine dealing. Looks stunning on the hand. And can be made according to functions or festivals.
palm mehendi designs 2023

Pointed Leaves and Floral Arabic Mehndi Design

This picture has a fantastic Arabic easy mehndi design on the dorsal side. The design consists of pointed petaled flowers and pointed leaves with circular–dotted floral patterns. The whole design is implanted diagonally on the wrist to the index fingers.

Delicate Arabic Mehndi Design

This delicate mehndi design is one of the most beautiful Arabic mehndi designs in 2022. This design is finely and patiently carved on the palms covering different floral line patterns. The best part of this design is two hearts carved below the thumb.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Especially for Eid

Celebration of Eid and any other festival is incomplete for females if they don’t apply mehndi on their hands. The above Arabic easy mehndi design reflects the beauty of the Eid festival with a finely designed moon on the dorsal side and leaf, lines, and other designs on the fingers.

Easy and Sassy Arabic Mehndi Design

Another one from the best Arabic Stylish mehndi designs with different patterns and sizes of flowers. It also consists of leaf chains flowing from the hand to the backside of the palm that provides modern looks to hands.

3. Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

Here are some fantastic and charming front-hand mehndi designs to highlight your hands. There are different mehndi designs for the front hand, such as fine, floral, and traditional or modern designs.

Detailed front-hand designs

Floral designs at the thumb fingers and fine patterns at the whole palms. Which looks stunning on the hand.
bridal mehendi designs for both hands

Front hand fine mehndi design

It could be the most delicate mehndi design 2022 front hand with small figures, fine lines, and that too without a messy look. This design beautifully covers the full front hand.

front hand henna designs 2022

Lotus flower front hand mehndi design

Another best front hand mehndi design carves lotus flower patterns on palm and wrists with some checks pattern made with leaf chains and many more things.

front hand mehndi designs 2022

Centered flower mehndi design for front hand

This beautiful mehndi design 2022 front hand with a marigold flower in the center of the palm and an elephant carved on the wrist with some line patterns and other floral patterns.

beautiful mehendi designs 2022

Shaded lotus and leaf mehndi design

Another excellent front hand mehndi design with lotus flower imprints in the palm and on all the fingers. It is a contemporary mehndi design that looks fabulous on hands.

lotus mehendi

4. Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

Beautiful and artistic back hand mehndi design will draw everyone’s attention and make your hands even more graceful.

Elegant Back Hand Arabic design

Backhand designs for the fingers. Small flower and leaf live structure designs that look beautiful on the back with long nails will amplify the nail structure and make your finger look longer.
arabic mehendi designs

Backhand mehndi design with lotus flower and box within dot and checkboard pattern. Which looks attractive on your hand.

Elegant dorsal side Mehndi design

Please have a look at the most elegant mehndi design 2022 backhand. This design is so graceful that you want to be able to take your eyes off it. It covers every backhand part with beautiful curves like fingers and wrists.

back hand latest henna design 2022

Easy contemporary back hand mehndi design

It is such a beautiful backhand mehndi design that gives the looks of some contemporary jewels. The design includes small leaf patterns, fine lines, and floral imprints.

back hand 4

Full-hand mehndi backhand design

If you want a beautiful full-hand mehndi design 2022 backhand, this is the best one. This design is best for wedding ceremonies or engagements.

back hand mehendi 2022

Backhand modern mehndi design

This modern backhand mehndi design is for those young girls who believe in traditions yet want to be stylish at the same time.

modern mehndi design

5. Bridal Mehndi Designs

Indian weddings are incomplete without brides having mehndi in their hands. Mehndi is considered to make the bride even more beautiful. Here are designs for everyone’s taste. Perfect bridal hand design with fine detailing and abstract patterns. Which looks good on a bride’s hand and enhances her beauty on her special day.

Bird and floral bridal mehndi

This is a super elegant bridal mehndi design 2022 with birds and lotus flowers imprinted on the bride’s hands. The bride and groom’s initials with the ring ceremony pictures.

bridal mehendi design on ful hand

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Traditional full hand bridal mehndi design

This design is best for all brides who traditionally want to have their wedding. It is one of the best full-hand mehndi designs for a traditional bride.

traditional mehendi

Contemporary bridal mehndi design

This design is for all brides who want modern designs in traditional henna artwork. This design would be the best of full hand mehndi designs with an Arabic mehndi design touch in it.

bridal mehendi designs for full hand

Bridal mehndi design for bride’s legs

Along with hands, mehndi is also applied to the bride’s legs. This bridal mehndi design 2022 for legs is best for would-be brides who want heavy mehndi designs even on legs.

leg bridal mehendi designs 2022

Sweet and straightforward bridal mehndi

It is a sweet and straightforward bridal mehndi design 2022 that carves lotus flower patterns on palm and wrists with some checks pattern made with leaf chains and many more things.

bridal mehndi designs 2022

Easy bridal mehndi design

It is easy to make and simple bridal mehndi design, unlike complicated full hand mehndi designs. It will give a bride a new and elegant look.

Bridesmaid mehndi designs:

6. Finger Mehndi Designs 2024

We all know that nails give our fingers a different look. Finger mehndi designs latest make fingers look more beautiful than any jewelry piece.

Easy Finger Mehndi design

These are easy Finger mehndi designs latest in trend. These designs will defiantly enhance the look of your fingers whether you wear any ring or unique nail art or not.

Simple mehndi design for thumb

This beautiful Finger Mehndi designs latest is for thumbs to highlight them. These elegant and sophisticated tattoos can make their thumb look cool.

Modern Finger mehndi design

Finger mehndi designs latest in 2022 that go well with the modern nail artwork and give your finger a beautiful highlight with lines, dots, leaves, and many more figures.

Bridesmaid mehndi designs:

Pretty mehndi designs for any bridesmaid or any function. It is so good looking mehndi design. It has such beautiful patterns in it that are unique, and all patterns are in this design, making this perfect for your palm.
bridesmaid designs

It is a modernised design for the bride and bridesmaids, and for anyone, it will look so beautiful and have an impact of jealousy in others’ minds. This is because it has so many beautiful patterns, making it so beautiful.
These are some latest beautiful henna mehndi designs. It might help you with your look.
mehndi designs in full hand

7. Mehndi Designs for legs

In Indian weddings or functions, mehndi designs are not only carved on hands but also legs are colored with henna and some amazing Legs mehndi designs.

Sophisticated full leg mehndi artwork

These are not only Mehndi designs for full legs; they are simply artwork done on legs with henna. It is perfect for a bridal mehndi with elephants, lotus flowers, and much more.

leg mehndi designs

Graceful leg mehndi design

Another one from the best bridal Mehndi designs for full legs can highlight a bride’s legs very well. Also, it has the perfect balance of thick and thin lines that makes it more attractive.

Leg mehndi design for heels

It is among short and simple Legs mehndi designs that look fabulous and can work very well to highlight your heels with simple flowers and leaf designs.

heel mehndi design

Simple foot mehndi design

It could be one of the most simple and quick-to-make Legs mehndi designs. Also, it can adequately highlight your toes and foot part very nicely with traditional mehndi figures.

foot mehendi designs

8. Palm Mehndi Designs

When anyone starts learning to make mehndi designs, they are suggested to make palm designs as they are easy to make. So here are some fantastic Palm mehndi designs for beginners.

Beautiful palm mehndi artworks

These are some fantastic Palm mehndi designs for beginners that can be drawn quickly on a palm, and they look beautiful after the palm gets the color from henna.

mehndi art

Palm mehndi design ideas

These are some more Palm mehndi designs for beginners to get ideas to draw figures. These designs can be drawn on the palm and the dorsal side.

palm mehendi designs images

Elegant palm mehndi designs

The above Palm mehndi designs for beginners are straightforward to make and look gorgeous because they have flowers with traditional methods.

Unique palm mehndi designs

For beginners, these unique Palm mehndi designs are perfect ideas to carve special symbols, messages, or anything else on the palm. The above pic shows a beautifully carved heart, love, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How to make a mehndi design?

If anyone does not know how to make mehndi design, they can either learn from mehndi art classes or follow the mehndi design pictures.

2) What is henna made of?

Henna is made of leaves of a plant named Lawsonia inermis, commonly known as the henna tree. One can find dried henna powder in the market or make a paste of henna tree leaves when they are fresh.

3) How to draw mehndi designs?

If you want to draw a mehndi design from any picture, then you can make a point to start and follow it to complete your design step by step.

4) How to draw simple mehndi designs step by step?

Start with making a circle and fill it. Then make desired curves as shown in the below pics to make simple mehndi designs. This is how anyone can make simple mehndi designs.

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