Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs Images and Ideas 2021

20+ Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs Images and Ideas 2022

Nail art designs are all time favorite for all Women all over the world. How about trying beautiful and creative Designs for your nails in 2021. We are always there to help you. We will put our complete effort to reach the best designs with you.

Simple & Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2021 to do at Home

Are you tired of finding nail art designs on the internet? No worries! Here are the beautiful and easy nail art designs for short nails and long nails to try at home.

Step by Step Nail Art Designs 2022 Images

Simple Nail art Design – Navy Blue and Sky Blue Combination

Adorable simple design you just need a small layer or stick. Apply sky blue color. Nail polish and just place a small layer in cross on the nail. Easy design to try at home, Then apply dark blue nail polish in one side. Please make sure you give time to apply for the next color.

Step by Step Nail Art on all Fingers Without Tools

Black and light green combination is always the best color combo. First apply light green color nail polish on all fingers then stick the layer on all fingers as mentioned below .

Apply the black color nail polish on the top and remove the layers.

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs 2022

Navy Blue Nail Art with Flower Design

Apply Navy blue color nail polish in all the fingers. Design a simple flower with white color nail polish on only one finger. Best Nail art design for short finger and long finger

Black Nail Polish with Stone Effects

Matte finish nail polish applies on all fingers. You will have a glitter effect nail polish on the shop buy that and apply on only one nail.

Water Melon Nail Art Design

This is the most trending nail art designs of 2022. Kids will love this design for sure. If you are a watermelon lover then you must try this design.

Apply Red color nail polish on each finger then apply black color nail polish as dotted one in each finger. Apply Green color nail polish on the corner edge. Very Easy Nail art design for beginners to do at home.

Very Simple and Easy Design

Apply white color nail polish on each finger then take any of your Favorite colors and apply as a dotted one in the Outline Layer.

Slanting Line Pink shade nail art design without tools

You no need any tool to apply this nail art design. First, apply pink nail polish for the full nail and in one side just apply lavender shade and in another corner apply black nail polish.

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Flower Nail Art Design

You just need a white, red and Green Color Nail Polish. Apply a white color nail polish then use a pencil to draw a flower. Simple Nail art design to do at home.

Glitter Nail Polish with Stonework Design

Apply grey color nail polish on three fingers and apply white color nail polish in one finer with flower

Mud design Nail art design without Tools

Beautiful nail art design with Matte Finish nail polish. You no need any tools to do this just go for crazy work design.

Valentines Day 2019 Nail Art Design

You can try this beautiful nail art design for this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one
Golden Nail Design with White Layer

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