20+ Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs Images and Ideas 2019-2020

nail art designs 2019

Nail art designs are all time favorite for all Women all over the world. How about trying beautiful and creative Designs for your nails in 2019. We are always there to help you. We will put our complete effort to reach the best designs with you.

Simple & Beautiful Nail Art Designs 2019 to do at Home

Are you tired of finding nail art designs on the internet? No worries! Here are the beautiful and easy nail art designs for short nails and long nails to try at home.

Step by Step Nail Art Designs 2019 Images

Simple Nail art Design – Navy Blue and Sky Blue Combination

Adorable simple design you just need a small layer or stick. Apply sky blue color. Nail polish and just place a small layer in cross on the nail. Easy design to try at home, Then apply dark blue nail polish in one side. Please make sure you give time to apply for the next color.

Step by Step Nail Art on all Fingers Without Tools

Black and light green combination is always the best color combo. First apply light green color nail polish on all fingers then stick the layer on all fingers as mentioned below .

Apply the black color nail polish on the top and remove the layers.

Simple and Easy Nail Art Designs 2019

Navy Blue Nail Art with Flower Design

Apply Navy blue color nail polish in all the fingers. Design a simple flower with white color nail polish on only one finger. Best Nail art design for short finger and long finger

Black Nail Polish with Stone Effects

Matte finish nail polish applies on all fingers. You will have a glitter effect nail polish on the shop buy that and apply on only one nail.

Water Melon Nail Art Design

This is the most trending nail art designs of 2019. Kids will love this design for sure. If you are a watermelon lover then you must try this design.

Apply Red color nail polish on each finger then apply black color nail polish as dotted one in each finger. Apply Green color nail polish on the corner edge. Very Easy Nail art design for beginners to do at home.

Very Simple and Easy Design

Apply white color nail polish on each finger then take any of your Favorite colors and apply as a dotted one in the Outline Layer.

Slanting Line Pink shade nail art design without tools

You no need any tool to apply this nail art design. First, apply pink nail polish for the full nail and in one side just apply lavender shade and in another corner apply black nail polish.

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Flower Nail Art Design

You just need a white, red and Green Color Nail Polish. Apply a white color nail polish then use a pencil to draw a flower. Simple Nail art design to do at home.

Glitter Nail Polish with Stonework Design

Apply grey color nail polish on three fingers and apply white color nail polish in one finer with flower

Mud design Nail art design without Tools

Beautiful nail art design with Matte Finish nail polish. You no need any tools to do this just go for crazy work design.

Valentines Day 2019 Nail Art Design

You can try this beautiful nail art design for this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one
Golden Nail Design with White Layer

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25 Simple and Latest Easy New Mehndi Designs for 2019-2020

mehndi design 2019 simple and easy

Albeit, the designs changing can never be compared yet the new designs are never compared to the like patterns of Mehndi that influence the attraction with a very minimal, varied look in any form that can unveil something new on the young and newly wedded girls hands or feet showing some form of shape or outline that must look very unique and attract more girls. Though the wedding season is right away, we still are running around for a varied Mehndi designs to complete the new mien and get an aura of positive before entering the wedding ceremony or functions.

“No Mehndi, no wedding” the scenario has changed from custom to trend. Every time we check out for a new design. Previously it was completely packed with flowers in our hands on any occasion. Now it is mandatory irrespective of small or big function. Also, the beauty consciousness has increased than ritual awareness. We have listed out latest mehndi designs 2019 simple and easy trending designs.

Similarly coming to mehndi designs recently there is coloured mehndi available in the market that will give rise to best look among all others. Even a simple design has become very interesting while seen in such things because of the chemicals present in it. We listed out the trending mehndi design on the internet and Pinterest, save your favourite image.

Latest Arabic New Simple Mehndi Designs 2019

The themes or the ideas which you create must be clear for yourself and others who see your hand, any point that you give pressure must be understood without the limit for your ideas like an endless ocean. Alternatively, the ideas can also be planned by us.

But see those ideas arise from Arabic Mehndi Design, Eid Mehndi Design, Bridal Mehndi Designs, wedding ideas are very popular and can be used by anyone. Simple and latest mehndi designs for 2019 are shown here

1) Arabic Double Pattern Mehandi Design

This is a very modern and recent design giving a decent look for young girls. It is very easy to draw too giving everyone a fulfilling and complete without any excess fittings over here. It can be tried out for any age.

arabic latest mehendi design
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This is the design of mehndi designs in 2019 that is more impressive to all the ladies and girls. This bloom the inner feeling of every other girl.

mehndi designs

2) Arabic Mehendi Design on Front Hand

The outer side is patterned with beats on the backside while flowers on the inner side showing both sides filled with designs.

easy mehndi design on front hand

3) Beautiful Flower Mehendi Design Image

A happy time starts with a handshake and that should be a memorable one. Ladies would love to do that always. They always want to be at the important position. The girls love to grab attention by showing off.

new mehndi designs 2019 easy

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4) Simple Arabic Mehendi Design 2019

Since it is an Arabic design it is mainly focused until the ends of the fingers, while leaving the sides free making the design prompt and catchy.

simple mehndi design 2019

5) Black Mehandi Style 2019

In 2019, recent days black and colour Mehandi has started to become very popular and including a design that has got leaf and water.

mehandi design 2019

6) Mirror Image Mehandi Design 2019

When it is worn while taking pregnancy shoot this design will look very cute and amazing. Mirror image mehendi design model shows perfect shot.

new mehndi design 2019 simple and easy

7) Arabic Front and Back Hand Mehndi

Here both front and back are shown that is very impressive and relaxing for your hands and sometimes the colour is very impressive and cannot be missed out at any point

front hand and back hand

The completion with a leafy end gives an excellent look showing a complete satisfied design and general complete feeling at the end

mehndi designs 2019 new style simple easy

New Bridal Mehndi Designs 2019

8) Radha and Krishna Mehndi Designs for Wedding

It is the radha and krishna photo seen in the picture. As if reality shows the guy and girl love for the wedding.

Bridal Mehndi Design 2019
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The red, round, half encircled with space gives an excellent look. One of the best trending mehndi design in 2019.

beautiful bridal mehendi design

9) Mehendi Designs for Functions

The best thing in function is Mehandi where we can draw the importance of the function. Bridal mehendi design on the full hand is the perfect one for wedding.

Function Mehndi Design

10) Ah!!! Completely Packed Design

Perfect design that is completely packed with no chance for a small space too left behind unattended.

mehendi design on full hand

Pakistani Eid Special Mehendi Designs 2019

11) Full Hand Simple Pakistani Design

The water drops and zig-zag mannered design giving an impact of complete full filling design on the hands making it interesting to see
pakistani full hand mehendi design
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12) Mehendi Design Only for Palm

If the palms are empty it will look odd without designs, thus, to enrich the beauty of your palm.  Collection of mehendi design only for palm.

palm mehendi design

If the palms are empty it will look odd without designs, thus, to enrich the beauty of your palm.

13) Peacock Mehendi Design

The design is a very cute one. Nothing can replace it as the peacocks look so perfect in between the flowers is very impressive.

peacock mehandi design

Like how the partner comes from heaven the mehandi with an outer outline and inner lining where the outer line work with little bloom and petals; inner line with a flawless outline.

peacock meheni design

14) Easy Eid Festival Design

As it is a happy function that is to be celebrated will it be possible without mehndi? So, the design must also be fast completion with good look and must. Pakistani mehendi designs 2019 is the special one.

eid mehendi design

Generally, perceives with perfect mehandi designs and it though differs from specialist to specialist.

new design mehndi design

The design covers the entire hand beautifully and can be worn by any girl, women, the kid even the day before grand parties it can be dried, and you become the star of the show.

latest pakistani mehendi

Mehendi Designs for Legs

15) Legs Groomed

This is cool and ideal if kept for a long time with henna. This shows the leg with a new design in this year 2019. Mehndi design 2019

Not only in hands but in legs too the peacocks can be vibrant

mehendi design for legs

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Updo Hairstyles for Short, Medium & Long Hair 2020

In 2020, updo hairstyles require arranging the hair pointing upwards. When you are headed to a glamorous event, you cannot overlook the importance of elegant updo hairstyles. From fashion parties to movie premieres we find celebrities in updo hairstyles. Not only do updo hairstyles make hair look more stylish but they also keep the hair out of your face. When it comes to weddings or other formal occasions the most sophisticated look is achieved with updo hairstyles.

Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

It is at times an ordeal to find chic updos for short hair. Most styles found online are updo hairstyles for long hair. Here are few ideas of updos for short hair.

short hair updo

Sport a short messy updo with a headband braid. Among the more aesthetic updos for short hair, this style looks much better on women with lighter hair. But if you genuinely love it don’t let your dark tresses hold you back. It is well suited for a short bob. Begin with a braid that will run from your side parting to the other side. Using a straightener, style some large curls and after tousling them set them with a hairspray. It is perfect both for the workplace and as a formal hairdo.
updo hairstyle for long hair

Wearing a Curly Chignon with a Bouffant is one of the most graceful updos for short hair, a curly chignon is an attractive way to style lob-length hair. To achieve this you need to pull back your hair, curl the ends of the hair strands and spread the roots for a full, fancy bouffant look.

Easy and elegant updo hairstyle for prom. This hairstyle suits short hair woman very well.

Updo Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair

Updo hairstyles for long hair have always been fashionable and pretty. Here is a selection of updos for long hair.

Among creative updos for medium & long hair, this is a really intricate look that took a lot of time to complete. The intertwined strands of hair look stunningly beautiful. This is a tighter look that has a lot of product within it.

updo for long hair

If you are looking for a classic, timeless style, amidst the plethora of updos for long hair look no further. It uses a fish braid with bangs hanging freely in the front. It is sure to get you a lot of compliments be it at a wedding or a fundraiser.

easy long hair updo hairstyle

You can also try easy updos for long hair at your home. You do not have to visit a salon to get these easy updos for long hair.

This can be a great look for those who are undecided if they want an updo or wear their hair down. Curl your dry hair using a ¼ inch curling iron vertically and away from the face. After that curl your bangs flat but alternate the direction of every other curl. When the curls have cooled down make a side part and add a little texturizing cream. You can also try easy updos for medium hair at your home.

easy updos for long hair

Among easy updos for long hair, this is truly attractive style. Massage some Argan oil into your hair and make it into a long ponytail. Curl the ends with a curling iron and finger comb the curls. Use a hairspray to hold the bun in place.

updos for medium hair

Shape your hair a low side bun for a trendy, timeless look. Dampen your hair with a conditioner and blow dry using a large brush. Make a deep part and sweep it to one side into a low ponytail. Turn the hair completely and fold it back against your head and pin it into place.

Step by Step Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyle is very famous in the US, UK, Canada and more. Many women prefer to choose step by step updo hairstyle rather than going to the parlor.

Follow the instruction in this image and make the perfect hairstyle for your prom event.

Updo Hairstyles for Wedding and Prom

Updo hairstyles for weddings have always been fashionable. For most brides, updo hairstyles for weddings is a favorite.

If you have short hair it is difficult to create an updo hairstyle without adding extensions. You may not have a huge bun but a sweet and elegant style is always possible without needless accessories.

The perennial favorite look in updo hairstyles for weddings is the beehive from the 60s. This hairdo is most suitable for those hosting a formal black-tie reception. Take care to balance the beehive with few careless tresses framing the face. Highest searching keyword in google is bridal hairstyle for updo so it clearly shows that woman are interested more on updo hairstyle for their wedding.

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Simple Tips to Get Shiny and Healthy Hair

No matter whether you are a women or men, healthy and thick hair is high on wish list of everyone. But due to pollution, stress, improper care, we tend to have split ends and hair fall. But do not worry anymore because we have listed some simple tips that will help to restore moisture in your hair making your hair healthy and shiny just like your dream hair. Here, we go:

1.Wash your hair with cold water
Apply hair oil to your hair before washing it, this is the best thing you can do to achieve a smooth and shiny hair. Identify your scalp texture whether it is dry, greasy or normal and choose the best shampoo and conditioner suitable to your scalp. Rinse your hair with best shampoo followed by conditioner in alternative days with normal water. Using warm water makes your hair dry and frizzy. So opt for normal water or Luke-warm water.

You can purchase the shampoos and conditioner from online store like Nykaa, top online portal for beauty and wellness products. It is offering wide range of shampoos and conditioners of top brands at affordable prices. Pick the products of your choice and avail special discount by using NykaaCoupons in the checkout page while making payment.

2. Avoid hair styling tools
To get the desired hairstyle, we use hair styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons, tongs and blow dryers. All these help to create any kind of hairstyle with perfect look but these styling tools can cause hair damage which leads to spilt ends, breakage, frizzy hair. So, say ‘no’ to heating tools and prevent your hair by getting damaged.

3. Deep conditioning Hair masks
Once in a while, make time to nourish your hair with deep conditioning hair mask. You can either use homemade hair mask or readymade products available in the market or online portals. For homemade mask you need to blend banana and aloe Vera to form a smooth paste. Then apply the mask all over your hair and cover it for 30 minutes and wash it off by using a mild shampoo. That’s it, you can notice instant difference with this deep conditioning hair mask with just one use.

4. Hair Treatment at salon
If you have extremely damaged hair then you need to restore the boost of healthy hair by opting for hair treatment at salon. If you are confused about the best salon, then explore various top salons at Nearbuy. It is offering discounted prices on popular salons. Select any one salon near to your location and book desired hair treatment and enjoy the quality service at budget-friendly prices by using Nearbuy Coupons.

Apart from these tips, healthy and nutritious food plays a vital role to get gorgeous hair. Try to eat healthy and maintain a proper hair care regime regularly.

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30+ Indian Bridal Wedding Hairstyles for Short to Long Hair 2020

Every women dream is to look gorgeous on their wedding day on reception as well as on wedding. In 2019 & 2020 and goes on each year changes evolving in the fashion trend is huge every year there is an adorable change in grooming.
When it comes to the wedding every bride will start thinking about their makeup, dress, shopping, accessories and more but very important think every bride should worry about is their bridal hairstyle because there are a lot of option are available for Indian bridal hairstyle for wedding reception Should I open my hair? Can I curl my hair? Should I go for a straighten or should I go for a smoothing and the list goes one. These are a few of the questions that brides worry about when they are deciding on their marriage look

Wedlockindia.com will relieve you from this tension. Yes! We are here to help you to choose the best bridal hairstyles for short hair, bridal hairstyle for long hair/medium hair, bridal hairstyle for reception and wedding.

There are a lot of option on the internet for south and north Indian bridal hairstyles for wedding and reception, but we have listed out top 30 latest, simple and most beautiful marriage hairstyles perfect for your wedding.

Latest North & South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding – Short Hair, Medium Hair & Long Hair

There are just three types of hair for every women short hair, medium hair and long hair. We have listed out top 30 wedding hairstyle latest collections in 2019 and 2020 which matches the all the above three types of hair.

Indian Bridal hairstyles For Reception

Bridal Hairstyles with Curls

Adorable bridal hairstyle for christian wedding. This particular hairstyle suits to all types of girls long curls at the bottom of the hair and it is organized in a V Shape form.Best bridal hairstyle for long hair.

christian bridal hairstyle

Christian Wedding Bridal Hairstyle

Beautiful slight curls at the half of the hair and top part is structured with a beautiful single plait which comes like a crown in the hair for bride.Best suits for long hair Indian bride.

Half Curls Reception Hairstyle

Floral curly dramatic loose hairstyle. Bun at the front side of the hair and beautiful curls on the entire hair.You can match with a flower which suits to your reception dress color.

Floral Curly Dramatic Look

Floral hairstyle with a beautiful side puff at the front side for adorable look and half curls with a matching flower.

Bumped up Curls

Easy and very simple hairdo for your reception. Half up curls at the bottom of the hair.Best suits for bride with saree look and short hair.

Simple Half up Curls

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Bridal Hairstyles with Buns

Latest 2019 bridal hairstyle is rose petals in bun.Beautiful petals are organized in a adorable way best suits for long and medium hair bride.

Elegant Rose Petals Bun

Centered Rose Petals Bun

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Simple and elegant hairstyle for medium hair and long hair centered bun with jasmine flower.No need to curl or straight just bun it!!!!

bun hairstyle

Jasmine Flower Bouquet Bun

Simple Center Bun

how it will look if you have a bun with curls yeah that’s true here is the gorgeous hairstyle with curls and bun

Bun with Curls & Flowers

Reception Hairstyles for Long Hair

Dramatic North Indian bridal hairstyle with dupatta. Bride with long hair can go for this type of hairdo.

Half cup Curls for Long Hair

Simple french plait at the top of the head instead of puff and a beautiful curls at the backside.

French Plait with Curls for Round face

Simple and Gorgeous hairstyle for straight long hair with jeweler at the hair.

Collage of Fish tail Bridal hairstyle very trending in the recent days.Most trending and elegant hairstyles of the year.

Trending latest hairdo

Fish Tail Plait

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding

Poo jadai designs for south Indian wedding.Below hairstyle is very famous in south India flowers and rose are organized in a beautiful way on Indian wedding.

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Tips to Look Gorgeous on Wedding

wedding day tips

Wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Everyone wants to be the center of attraction on their wedding day, unfortunately, due stress, exhaustion, and improper care it becomes hard to rule on everyone’s heart with the remarkable look. But do not worry because we are here with the handful of tips that helps you to look gorgeous on the wedding. Let’s get started:

1. Follow Skin Care Routine:
Try to make some time for yourself and follow a skin care routine from a month before your big day to get the crystal clear skin. Include face creams, facial masks, body lotions in your skin care and scrub your skin at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells. It is always better to consult a dermatologist for skin care before opting for anything on your own.

2. Design Your Wedding Day Dress In Advance:
Wedding day dress always remains special in your wardrobe for a lifetime. Choose or design a dress that looks absolutely stunning on your special day. Trail the dress in advance because If everything happens in last moment and your dress is fitting lose or tight then you needs to face an awkward moment during the entire ceremony. To avoid this kind of awkward moment shop, trail in advance and make any changes accordingly with perfect fitting.

3. Choose Elegant Jewellery:
A stunning piece of jewelry completes your wedding look. Explore different kinds of jewelry such as temple, diamond, polka, CZ, gold, pearls and many more. Remember one thing, pick all the jewellery like earrings, rings, choker, bangles, necklace, etc. of any one kind, do not mix all kinds and wear because Jewellery plays a vital role on the wedding day. So, make it simple and elegant with one style.
Explore some unique collection of jewellery in online destinations like Melorra. Shop and avail special discounts by applying Melorra Coupons on the checkout page.

4. Hire a Professional Make-Up Artist:
Makeup can make and break the look so choose the best makeup products. One can shop cosmetics and skin care products of top brands from the online portals like Nykaa, a perfect destination for multi-brands of beauty and wellness products. If you want to purchase best brands at budget-friendly prices then apply nykaa coupons while making the payment and get discount redeemed.

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If you have any particular look as the dream for your wedding day then hire a professional make-up artist. Discuss and finalize everything in advance such as the hairstyle, make-up, mehendi, pre-wedding facials, etc .

5. Sleep more & Shine More:
Dark circles and dull skin can make you look worst. So, leave all the worries aside and sleep well for atleast 6-8 hours. Enough sleep helps to heel skin damage. You can discover a radiant and brighter skin the next morning. Sleep more and look glamorous on your big day.

Wedding day comes only once in a lifetime and it is the only time to fulfill all your childhood stories about the Wedding day. Never neglect yourself, follow skin care routine, maintain a proper diet, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and sleep well. Hope all the above tips worked best for you to look gorgeous on your wedding day.