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Top 20+ Simple Blouse Designs 2021-2022 to Try this Year

If you are looking for Simple Blouse Design 2021 you landed in a right place. Yes, Simple blouse design is the most searching term on the internet in 2021. Yes, most of the women and girls would love to wear a simple blouse for daily use.

Female interested to wear heavy work blouse designs only for any special occasion or festival season. When it comes to daily use simple blouse neck design is the most preferred one.

Collection of 20+ Latest Simple Blouse Designs 2020 for Silk Saree and Daily Use Images

Wedlockindia listed out the most beautiful and trending simple back designs of the blouse. Choose your favorite blouse design from the below image collections.

1) Latest Simple Blouse Design for Daily Use

The red and pink color blouse goes well with any type of saree. Back open and a knot, in the end, gives a very rich look. 3/4 hand is the perfect pattern that goes well with daily use saree.

latest simple blouse design 2021

2) Elegant Simple Blouse Design for Silk Saree or Pattu Saree

This particular blouse goes very well with a silk saree or pattu saree. Beats and embroidery work in the hand with flower-like design and a pattern work at the blouse back neck gives an immense look.

simple blouse designs for pattu saree

3) Border Type Saree Blouse Design

Unique blouse design with saree border. All the saree comes with a unique border you can reuse those blouse in the blouse design. Don’t waste the extra borders that come with the saree now just use them for your blouse.

simple saree blouse

4) Pearl Work Blouse Design

This basic pullover configuration is made polished with decorations at the back. The texture and shade of the shirt make it simple to convey and easy to style. Pair it with a creator saree in flowy textures like Chiffon or Georgette to snatch eyeballs any place you go.

simple back design of blouse

5) Simple Flower Pattern Work Blouse

Looking for a simple blouse design 2021 that looks stunning? Then this is the best blouse design of this year 2021. Embroidery flower work in the blouse back neck with a circle open neck.

simple blouse design image

6) Back Open Blouse Design

If you love back open blouse design then this design suits you. Complete back open blouse with a knot at the back shows an elegant look. The saree border is attached as a sleeve in this green blouse.

simple blouse designs 2021

7) Transparent Blouse

Cream color blouse design with a transparent net-like model in the front and back neck. They have tried a different model in the hand it’s called Puff hands.

cream color simple blouse

8) Blouse Back Neck Design Collections 2021

Everyone will be very confused to choose what model we can try in our blouse back neck? Am I right? Here are the different collections of blouse back neck images for your reference.

simple blouse design for daily wear

9) Blouse Catalog

A beautiful collection of blouse images in a single catalog. Sleeveless, Back open, embroidery & pattern all types of blouse models available here. choose the best one for your saree.

Blouse design catalog

10) Neck Patterns

Huge collections of blouse neck patterns. Simply stunning blouse neck design that goes very well with all types of saree. Enjoy the special occasion with these designs.

simple blouse back neck design catalogue

Thanks for reading this post. If you try any of our blouse designs please share the pics on our Facebook page @wedlockindia.

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