Pongal Kolam 2021

20+ Latest Happy New Year Rangoli Designs with Dots and FreeHand Designs

2020 is almost going to end hope you had a lot of good memories. Let’s welcome the new year 2021 with great new year rangoli designs. All over the world there will be a great celebration will happen on 31st night but in India, we will mix our tradition in the celebration.

Yes, How we will miss the new year celebration without Rangoli. Most of the home people started drawing rangoli designs on the 31st night. Special new year Rangoli designs to welcome 2021. We have grouped rangoli designs in two types:

There are lots of images available on the internet for rangoli designs we have listed out some trending new year rangoli designs in two different groups check it out here.

Happy New Year Rangoli Designs with Dots 2021

1) Rangoli Design with Year Number

This is one of the simple rangoli design and this design is most common in every house. People use to try this design in their home.

happy new year rangoli designs 2021 with dots

2) Flower Rangoli in New Year

A beautiful flower design in the rangoli gives you a fresh look. Count the dots and start exploring this rangoli in this new year.

new year rangoli designs with flower

3) Simple New Year Kolam

This beautiful flower rangoli designs will be perfect for the upcoming new year. You can try multiple color variants in these designs. It gives you a colorful look

simple new year kolam

4) Flower Design with Diya Combo

It always best to go to a traditional method. Everyone will love to try Diya and flower combination in rangoli design.

diya new year rangoli design

5) Single Color Rangoli

This new year rangoli design gives you a pleasant look with the same color combination. If you have only one color then you can try this design.

latest rangoli designs with dots

6) Lotus Rangoli

This is yet another beautiful lotus rangoli designs. Just counts the number of dots in the rangoli design and start drawing the rangoli.

lotus new year rangoli design

7) Fabulous Diya Pattern

Diya inside lotus wow! what a pleasant look at this new year. Happy 2019 & new year breaks into two pieces.

rangoli design for new year

Freehand Style Rangoli Designs Kolam for New Year

1) Circle Rangoli Freehand Style

6 layer rangoli model gives an outstanding look or this season. Just draw a simple circle followed by leaf structure and a heat shape layer then a star design.

freehand rangoli

2) Traditional Rangoli

Traditional rangoli draws in a circular model. 4 layer circle design and the outer layer tried with a halfway model.

Traditional rangoli

3) Simple Freehand Rangoli Design

Rangoli is also termed as Kolam. This is one of the simplest rangoli designs in our collection. Just use your own creative design in this model.

simple freehand rangoli

4) Complicated Rangoli

You should have the experience to draw this rangoli design. They have used flowers to draw this Rangoli design and with diya. One of the best rangoli designs of this season

rangoli design image 2021

5) Pooja Room Rangoli

You can try these rangoli in the pooja room. One of the simple and most beautiful traditional rangoli designs.

rangoli in home

6) Rangoli inside home

One of the simplest rangoli design to try inside home.

 रंगोली डिजाइन

7) Peacock Rangoli Design

peacock new year rangoli

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