Our wish, our photos: Couple Trolled for Viral Wedding Photoshoot

Kerala couple, who got married in September 2020, did a photoshoot recently and uploaded the pictures on social media. Photos become viral on the internet and many people trolled those photos.

Lakshmi got married on September 16, they could not hold an extensive wedding ceremony or do a photoshoot due to the COVID-19 restrictions. But when they decided to get a photoshoot done recently, the couple had a theme in mind — a boudoir session, where the couple ‘appear’ scantily dressed. Rishi and Lakshmi chose to drape white sheets around them for their photoshoot.

Here are the trending photos that went viral on the internet

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Top 15+ Underwater Wedding Photoshoot Pictures Viral on Internet

Underwater Wedding Photoshoot

Underwater wedding photography is the latest trend followed by couples. Pre-wedding and post-wedding both the option nowadays couples prefer to choose underwater because they like to try something different.

They decide to praise their big day or pre-wedding shoot in this one of a kind way. This new pattern sees couples dive into the water and posture in their wedding outfits. Regardless of whether it is bouncing into the pool or the ocean, they have left us surprised

Wedlockindia listed out some of the top 15 underwater wedding photoshoot pictures or images that went viral on the internet.

Check out all images and get inspired. Why don’t you try this for your wedding?

Beautiful Couple Entering the Pool with Saree and Jewellery!!! Looks Unique right check out the pictures below

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Romantic Couple with Gorgeous Yellow Gown with a Sunrise makes this pics stunning

Kerala Couple tried something different. They took an underwater photoshoot with their friends and relatives.

Floating Red Gown Makes this pics Gorgeous

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Red is the common color for underwater photography?

Romantic Couple Floating in water

Kissing the Bride in Pool

Photoframe underwater pictures wow looks different

Mehendi floating in water! Wow! What an idea 

Picture Perfect Wedding Photoshoot


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Wedding Photoshoot Taken In The Flight At 2 Minutes!

wedding photoshoot in flight 2020

Today men and women who are getting ready for the wedding are more concerned with making a wedding video album than the main rituals of marriage. For that, photographers are waiting for the happy moments of the bride without worrying about the camaraderie. A photoshoot of the bride recently taken aboard the Chetan nation has robbed the hearts of Tamils ​​beyond the Kerala Border.

flight wedding photoshoot

Photos taken inside and out of the airplane as the bride dressed in the same outfit as the wedding dress, invaded social media last week to tell the Naughties. The protagonist of the Kerala wedding photo shoot is Lal Krishna and heroine Shruthi are Ayurvedic doctors.

Couples have no intention of being alone with their wedding photos. They want to treasure the most important event of their lives forever.

unique wedding photoshoot

“The photo on the flight was just accidental. The wedding took place on September 1 in Kannur, the hometown of the bride. After the wedding we both move to our hometown some 500 km away. So we planned to take the flight from Kannur to Kochi. We also took flight tickets for the photographers, hoping to take some photos from the airport if we had a chance. Where to take a photo on the flight is the photographer’s idea.

wedding photoshoot 2020

We don’t expect these photos to go viral on social media. On the flight to the wedding, we took a few minutes to take a photo. After uploading those photos on social media, I have a lot of phone calls.

indigo wedding

Very happy for us. They gave us all the food for free. The Indigo staff and the cabin crew were so nice. In fact, they have made our day a memorable one, ”said Pushma Pillai.

viral photoshoot

The latest trend is to take wedding photos and videos all over the world, on a different level, in the thumbs-up of the Google Sea. There has been a significant change in the way wedding photography has been taken in Kerala for many years.