Today GRT Jewellery Gold Rate, Silver Rate & Platinum Rate – March 2020

Chennai is one of the most beautiful places in India. There is a big demand for gold in Tamil Nadu. Majority of the people like to invest in Gold than land. GRT Jewellery is the most famous jewelry shop in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Daily we are updating gold rate in GRT, silver rate and platinum rate in GRT Jewellery today.

GRT Gold Rate in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

grt gold rateListed below are the Today Gold rate in GRT Jewellery in Chennai. Gold rates are updated on the daily basis.

Date Standard Gold (22K) Pure Gold (24K)
1 Gram 8 Grams 1 Gram 8 Grams
30 March 2020 ₹ 4,193 ₹ 33,544 ₹ 4,391 ₹ 35,128
29 March 2020 ₹ 4,201 ₹ 33,608 ₹ 4,399/td>

₹ 35,192

Standard Gold (22K) – this is the normal gold rate consider in all the jewelry shop, Pure Gold (24K) – the pure form of gold, Gold (18K) – This type of gold is available on request basis. 8 gram = 1 Sovereign.

GRT Silver Rate in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Silver is among the most popular commodities in India. In Chennai, Silver rates are daily increasing in India. Check out the GRT today silver rate. 1 Gram and bar silver rate available.

Date Daily Silver Rates
1 Gram Bar Silver (1 KG)
30 March 2020 ₹ 41.70 ₹ 41,700
29 March 2020 ₹ 41.70 ₹ 41,700

GRT Platinum Rate in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Platinum is becoming more popular in India nowadays. In Tamil Nadu people purchasing platinum jewelry is also increasing day by day. Platinum is not considered as the best investment option in India but people use to buy platinum for its design and style. Check out the GRT today platinum rate.

Date Daily Platinum Rates
1 Gram
30 March 2020 ₹ 2,100
29 March 2020 ₹ 2,100

Today Gold Rate in Chennai

Chennai is known to house ventures and gold fills in as a piece of their speculation portfolio. You will have a lot of different and unique designs in Gold Jewelry. Gold is considered as the best investment option in India.

Like all other Indian urban areas, Chennai to relies on the import of gold and the Chennai gold cost is additionally dictated by the Bullion Association consistently as per the global stock trade. The present gold rate in Chennai appears to be unaltered for the greater part of this current year bringing uplifting news for purchasers.

Check out our blog for regular updates on today gold rate, silver rate and platinum rate in Chennai from all jewelry shop. We are going to update the Jewelry Chit Fund schemes details also very soon.