Top 60+ Latest Mehndi Designs Collections in 2020

Being trendy but a little unique is always very important. Making your own popular in an event is through the appearance and attire. Along with these, it is best to keep your attitude up. Most beautiful mehndi designs 2020 collections are listed below.

What is the common difference between henna and mehndi?

Very simple design that looks innovative and new style created on every other hand or palm, in fact, legs can talk a lot to the guy when seen at first.

Why mehndi and not regular marudhani?

Never let anyone judge yourself low. Thus, girls today prefer mehndi designs than marudhani. It has become a must to choose the best among all others.

60+ Mehndi Designs Collections – Arabic Mehndi, Bridal Mehndi, Simple Mehendi, Pakistani & Rajasthani Marwari Mehndi

Are you looking for beautiful mehndi designs 2020? Your searches end here we have listed out different types of mehendi designs trending on the internet.

  1. Elegant 10 Arabic Mehndi Designs to Try
  2. Eye scintillating 10 Bridal Mehndi Designs
  3. Mesmerizing 10 Simple Mehndi Designs for Beginners
  4. 10 Beautiful Pakistani Mehendi Designs
  5. 10 Unbeatable Rajasthani Marwari Mehndi Design

Let’s look at what is up for today with these new patterns. Save your favorite design and comment on your thoughts

Elegant 10 Arabic Mehndi  Designs To Try in 2020

1) Choose it for your palm

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs 2019

Elegant your hands with the precious designs. Let your glow brighter with the best design. This is one of the best mehndi designs in 2020.

Event: Grand occasion
Location: front hands.
Design pattern: Floral

2) Love for Arabian Elegance

Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design 2020

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Let your front hand look stylish and recollect your love on your love.

Event: Festival
Location: front hand
Design: Arabic combination with flower and heart.

3) Ramzan Delight

simple arabic meheni design 2020

Let the design be a special one for this Ramzan. The dots over criss-cross lines on the palm decorate your hands wisely. Stand unique among the mob.

Event: Ramzan
Location: front hand
Design: Dots and lines.

4) Simply Grace your occasion

arabic mehendi design for ramzan

Making your hands look traditional on wearing the gold ornament. Make your backhand the model for others with the best design.This is going to be a best mehndi designs 2020 for sure.

Event: General or wedding
Location: Back Hands.
Design: Chain-like dotted strands; floral design on the nail-end, pointing finger decorated with elegance.

5) Lotus looks

arabic mehndi designs for hands 2020
Change your palms into colorful ones.

Event : on occasion
Location: both front and back
Design: a combination of lotus and leaves gives best outcome.

6) Highlight cuteness

Make your middle part of arms or hands look dazzling with bright designs. Strengthen the occasion and stand as an ideal pair of your pal with the best design.

Event: General or wedding
Location: middle arm Hands.
Design: Chain-like dotted strands; floral design on the nail-end, pointing finger decorated with elegance.

simple mehndi designs 2020

7) Block everyone’s mind

Colorful design and vibrant radiation of cuteness. Try this latest mehndi designs 2020 on all occasions.
Event : on occasion
Location: front hands
Design: combination of flowers and leaves brings best designs.

arabic pattern mehandi design

8) Design overloaded with rich look

The fingers are graced with new variation of cute designs.

easy mehendi designs 2020
9) Paralyze your pal

Draw cool designs to block your partner mind on one sight.

arabic mehendi on front hand10) Stunning Mid-arm design

arabic mehndi design images

Slender arms are always attractive this needs decoration to grab attention. The front hand is packed with parrots and human faces.

Event: general and function
Location: front arms
Design: the flower design attracts all


Eye scintillating 10 bridal mehndi designs for wedding

1) Marriage blast

Bridal Mehndi Designs 2019

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Marriage is decided in heaven. Share love from shake hands.Remarkable mehendi designs in 2020. Scroll down for more pictures.

2) Go beyond imagination

mehndi designs easy and simple 2020

Do you love games? This is for you. The famous game in hands shows your partner on your love.

Event: party, occasion
Location: front hand till arms
Design: the theme on Game of Thrones is an innovative idea.

3) Invite with foot impression

leg wedding mehendi designs

Unique idea. Reminds your grand day in every step. Let it be a new step for your generation.

Event: marriage
Location: base of foot
Design: precious words are maintained precious with mehndi writings.

4) Traditional design

mehndi designs 2020 bridal
new bridal mehndi design

Let your thoughts be your design. Your quote is written on the hands for your pal to read when holding hands.

5) Rich tradition

bridal mehendi designs 2020
Radha Krishna Bridal Mehndi

An entire hand is covered with excellent design.

6) Good Vibes only

Face on Bridal Mehndi

Hands remind your past and present. Wow what s beautiful bridal mehndi designs 2020 design. I hope this is going to be a best bridal mehendi design of this year.

7) Completely pleasing

mehndi designs 2020 new style simple

The entire front hand is sketched with a number of criss-cross and cute designs.

8) Novel design

Best suitable for newly wedding women. The flower design suits the hand that is about to club with another.

arabic mehndi design book
Event: wedding and personal functions.
Location: back arms.
Design: the regular freestyle design.

Latest Mesmerizing 10 Simple Mehendi Designs for Beginners

1) Simple and neat

Modest flower design building in the back of the hand.

step by step mehandi design 2020

2) Double stacked design

The two flowers stacked one over the other relishing mesmerizing beauty mehendi designs. The best options for floral central palm design.

simple mehndi designs for hands 2020

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3) Choose your’s

Choice can be given for any side. As it is suitable for both front and back.

mehndi design 2020 latest images

4) Put it together

As continuous design puts both hands together with wonderful meaning.

5) Love and love only

The lovely parrots in love signifies the event of the future life.

6) Easy arabic design in ten minutes

The design might be a support for the quote “Something is better than nothing”

best mehndi design

7) Ventral to dorsal delight.

Begins from one end to other giving a pretty look

eid mehndi designs 20198) Cross-lines makes you look unique

The diagonal line signifies different moves in life. This suits for all.

simple mehndi design

9) Elegant design

Though looks simple the output is very rich and apt for the wedding accompanying girls. The flower with tomb attracts when clubbed with jewels.

new mehndi design

Look Cute with 10 Beautiful Pakistani Mehndi Designs

1) Best Mehendi Designs of 2020

Designs for front and back hands showing unique variety of outlook. Make these simple and most awaited.

pakistani mehendi designs

2) Full Hand Pakistani Mehendi Design

latest pakistani mehendi

3) Friends Wedding Pakistani Mehandi

eid mehendi design4) Pack of design

Pakistani mehndi designs back hand

5) Perforate everyone’s mind. With the best designs.

mehndi designs arabic simple and easy

6) Colourful combination

A complete combination of both sides. Front and back hands represents rich custom when seen together.
mehndi images 20207) Spread happiness.

Trigger your inner feel with the cute pattern. Show the cuteness in you. Love your event. Blast your occasion.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

8) Perfect suit for ornament placement.

Decorate your hands in a manner that suits the ornament. Place your anklet along the design. Bring a huge difference from the regular pattern.
मेहँदी डिजाईन

The triggering 10 Unbeatable Rajashtani marwari mehndi designs

Marwari Special Mehendi Design

The same design on both hands. Representing the regional culture. We follow our culture in the best possible manner that turns the event into an interesting one.

arabic mehndi designs for hands
Get energized with the designs. Mesmerize the new mehendi design. Unique look with western lovely designs in a traditional manner.

Rajashtani Mehendi Design on Hand
Let the event be turned into a grand party with new designs.

mehndi dizain 2020
Most chosen design by Rajasthan brides

marwari mehndi designs 2020
Let the leaves and the motifs speak the fact.Central flowers and leaves attracts a lot of girls as the whole hand is decorated with mind-blowing designs.South and North loves Mehndi designs 2020 so even the girls choose one among all these. Make it unique on your single time occasion.
latest rajasthani mehndi design 2020

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Ditch the Marigold Mehendi Decor For These 4 Absolutely Impressive DIY For Your Spring Wedding

One of the most fun-filled and effervescent wedding celebrations is the Mehendi function! With the ever-burgeoning trends and ideas in terms of Mehendi decor, one can never fall short of quirky decor elements and themes for this sheer flamboyant celebrations. The rather informal function is the one where you can completely experiment with the decor in terms of colors and themes to make the most out of its joyous essence!

However, 2017 Mehendi decor trend had been all about the vibrant Marigold flowers and while the trend was as beautiful as it could be, we have had enough of the Marigold Theme Mehendi Decor! For your spring wedding this year, we have listed 5 alternative Mehendi themes for you that will surely create a striking impression for your guests-

1. Ombre Decor

One of the most trending Mehendi decor themes of this year includes an ombre backdrop! Ombre decor is one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes that one can incorporate into their Mehendi venue. The theme can be beautifully set up in the venue with any desirable colour. One can use all sorts of wedding decor elements like flowers, origami, and drapes to set up this theme in their celebrations. Not only will this theme add a splash of your favorite color, but also create a whimsical backdrop for your function!

2. Sunflower Theme

Move over from the Marigold theme to this gorgeous Sunflower one! The beautiful backdrop of Sunflowers on your Mehendi day will not only create a striking impression but also add a dash of vivacity to your celebrations while retaining the essence of Mehendi function. The whimsical theme is unique and gives off a rather rustic look and feels to your function. To complement this theme, use orange colored drapes in your decor and witness the venue transform into a dream-like setup!

3. A Dreamcatcher Themed Mehendi

When you are all set to live your nuptial-dream, what’s better than to incorporate the sacred hoops of Dreamcatchers while embarking your journey? Dreamcatchers not only hold a beautiful significance but also create a gorgeous sight to behold. Upon setting up a dreamcatcher themed decor in your Mehendi venue, you create an unparalleled ambiance in terms of beauty! Choose to hang various colors of these boho elements in your venue to add a dash of vivacity to the celebrations. Instead of the classic dreamcatcher, opt for an Indian-ised version of the same that uses tiles instead of feathers and Ghungroos instead of beads.

4. A Fusion Color Pop Theme

For a celebration as flamboyant as Mehendi in Indian Weddings, a theme that can never go wrong is a Fusion of Color Pops! Splash your Mehendi venues with as many vibrant colors as you can to create an ambiance of sheer vivacity. Fuse the multi-colors into your Mehendi venue and watch it become as whimsical as it could be while retaining the effervescent essence of the celebration! May it be your backdrop, drapes, or decor elements, fill your venue with the combination of bright colors like Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange to have a breathtakingly beautiful setup.

Having your desired theme incorporated into your Mehendi venue isn’t as much of a hassle as it may appear. With the right planning, you can work wonders with your Mehendi venue without many efforts. If you are looking for a flawless Mehendi venue that can very well have your favorable theme set up into it beautifully, visit VenueMonk- Delhi NCR’s leading event planning portal that offers the widest range of bespoke Wedding venues at the guaranteed lowest prices!

30+ Latest Mehndi Designs for Kids 2018-2019-2020

Kids….Babies… OMG, when we hear these words somehow in our heart we will feel refreshing. Yeah, that’s true because each one of us has crossed that stage. In recent years maybe I can say starting from 2018 & 2019 & 2020 the way fashion trend is changing is enormous.

The entire beautiful mom loves to dress their kids even infant babies. Love to dress up in beautiful frocks, Kurtis, traditional dress, sarees, and lehengas; they look so cuddly and cute. The same impact is there, in fact, double, once they get mehndi done on their tiny hands.

Mehndi Designs models

5 most unique types of mehndi designs which are in trendy right now are Moroccan Mehndi Design, Bangle Style Mehndi Design, The Lace Glove, Minimalist Mehndi Pattern, Back Mehndi Design, Arabic Mehndi Design & Hanging Star Design

Are you looking for Mehndi Designs for Kids & Baby?

Picking the charming mehndi Designs for Kids will give a wonderful appearance to their fingers and hand. Bunches of Kids Mehandi Design are simple and straightforward that should be possible in less time The charming things about the little Girls or Small infant Kids Mehndi Designs is that you could make it looks incredible with any sort of Mehendi Pattern from the Given Below Beautiful Mehndi Designs Images minimal basic Mehndi Pattern for Kids Usually children or tyke keep to cherishing the little finger mehndi outlines working into significance to their hand will make them cheerful Some children mother or Designer pick close to nothing and simple plans.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Baby

Heart Shape Mehandi Designs

Simple Heart & Circle Shape Mehndi Designs in Palm

Arabic Heart Shape Mehndi Designs in Front Hand for Baby

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Simple Heart Shape Kids Mehndi Design

Flower Mehandi Designs

Flower Designs in Kids Front Hand

Arabic Flower Design Pattern

Mehndi Design in Infant Baby Hand 2018 & 2019

Baby Mehndi Design 2018

Mehndi Design for baby girl

Cute Mehandi Design for Baby

2019 Latest Design for kids

Beautiful Design for all women’s

Simple Dotted Design


Mehandi Design in Kids Leg

Beautiful Design in kids leg

Cute Design in Leg and Hand

Cartoon Character models in Mehndi Design

Spiderman Design for kids

Planet Design Mehndi for kids

Collection of Mehandi Designs 2018

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Bridal Mehendi Collections in Video – Subscribe to our YouTube channel

50+ Latest Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs 2018-2019

Are you tired on browsing on the internet for latest and simple mehndi designs? You might have come up with a lot of mehndi designs in Pinterest but still, you will be confused and loads with 1000+ of images. We have listed out best design available on internet and Pinterest as well.  Here we go! every woman browsing on the internet for Mehandi designs in different names such as Mehandi designs, mehndi design, and Mehendi design, but whatever you search everyone goal is to find the beautiful mehndi designs.

There are different types of Mehndi designs are available such as Arabic Mehendi Designs, Mughlai Mehndi, Bridal Mehndi, Pakistani Mehendi, Indo-Arabic Mehendi, Moroccan Mehndi Designs, Glitter Mehndi and more

Are you looking for Best Simple Mehndi Designs?

On the Internet, you can able to find a lot of Mehndi designs for brides but simple Mehandi designs collections are very limit. No worries you landed in a right here is the collection of simple Mehndi designs 2018 latest model photo collections. Pick any of these and get the beautiful look.

50+ Latest Simple and Easy Mehandi Designs – Arabic, Pakistani and Bridal Mehndi Designs 2018-2019

  1. Arabic Mehndi Designs
  2. Step by Step Mehandi Designs
  3. Mehandi Designs only for Palm
  4. Pakistani Mehndi Designs
  5. Mehndi Designs for Legs
  6. Bridal Mehndi Designs

1) Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Beautiful Mehandi Design on one finger with elegant design. This design tried in two models dark and light shade design. If we use two shadows it will give us a beautiful look after wash. In 2019, Arabic mehndi design is going to be the best design in the Mehandi world because many women don’t like to keep the mehndi in their full hand so they need it to very simple and best looking.

Arabic double pattern mehndi design

Latest and Easy Mehandi design is the below design this design is specially applied on end of the palm and only in fingers. It gives us a modern look and also it will be very useful for girls who are applying the contact lens because you will have free space in your hand to clean your lens without mehndi.

Simple mehndi design for hands

Arabic Mehndi designs in the curve style. Outer layer designed with the beats of the model.Flower-like model in half hand than another side with the curve like beats model.Red nail polish best suits for this design. You can choose the best nail color for your skin this design works well with all kind of Mehandi designs.

Arabic Mehandi designs in front hand

The black Mehandi modern pattern in front hand. It is water like model design with the leafy model. Many women don’t like black mehndi modern because reason is from ancient days Mehandi means it has to be in red or orange in color.

Black Dulhan Mehndi Designs

Two fingers Mehandi design on the front hand. Normal design with the step by step design.Arabic Mehandi design with water beats model.

Full hand Arabic Design

Leaf type Mehendi design it will not cover the full hand. Only partial mehndi design on the palm. It will cover only half palm. It suits people who are using contact lens easy to wash.

Arabic Mehndi Design Half Hand

Easy mehndi designs in front hand

2) Step by Step Mehandi Designs 2018

Step by Step Mehndi Designs

Mehndi in Indian convention is normally connected amid extraordinary Hindu weddings, Muslim Weddings, Cristina wedding and more. It is common to all religions.

In Hindu celebrations, numerous ladies have Henna connected to their hands and feet and now and again on the back of their shoulders as well, as men have it connected on their chest, legs and arms. For ladies, it is normally drawn on the palm, back of the hand and on feet, where the outline will be clearest because of stand out from the lighter skin on these surfaces, which normally contain less of the color melanin.

3) Mehandi Designs only for Palm

This image is very trending on the internet because palm is the important role in Mehndi whatever design you apply in other finger but the design in the palm plays a major role.

Collection of Mehndi Designs in Palm

Palm Mehndi Design for Eid Festival

Peacock Mehndi Design 2019

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4) Pakistani Mehndi Designs Photos

Pakistani Mehandi designs have become a symbol of art, culture, and religion of Pakistan over a period of time. Mehndi is usually done using two types of Mehndi. The outlines are usually done using Black Mehndi and the rest of the design is done using other variants like Indian Mehandi Designs. We are also showcasing more blouse designs on our website.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Jewellery type mehndi pattern

Perfect cute mehndi designs in the leg. It is the best shot at the wedding. The beautiful designs and details make this style a very elegant choice for the bride.

Latest Mehndi in Center Leg

Henna Mehandi designs in the leg with full leg covered by mehndi.

Bridal Mehndi in Leg


Simple and easy design for leg

Adorable design for bakrid festival

Perfect Mehandi for your wedding

6) Latest Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Designs

Occasions like a wedding can never wind up plainly total without mehndi. Ladies and their relatives wind up noticeably occupied with the kind of adornments they might want to wear or influence their girl to wear upon the arrival of the wedding.

Both in the Indian and Pakistani wedding service, Mehendi is an obligatory event where the beauticians apply superb plans with a Mehendi cone or glue over the hands and even legs of the lady of the hour of the event.

Latest Bridal Mehandi 2019

The black Mehandi pattern in full hand It is best suit for the bride, mostly in Indian wedding mehndi function is the most famous one.

Latest bridal mehendi design


This design is the most famous mehandi in 2018. Very popular one in social media.

Adorable Mehandi in 2018

Krishnan and Radha status in Mehandi OMG it is adorable.

Peacock and flower pattern in the complete hand with some space in between

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Most Beautiful Bridal Mehndi design for Your Wedding

mehendi design on full hand

Collections of bridal Mehndi images for your wedding day. Mehndi is also referred as a meditative herb.  So, to remove all the strain and headaches associated with the fatigue, this meditative paste (with a cooling effect) was applied and this is how the custom of ‘Mehandi Night’ came into existence.

Mehndi mold has altered with the regularly changing style incline. In past ladies were usual apply Mehndi on palms and feet exclusively, however in Pakistan the present ladies like to apply Mehendi i on the legs, hands, arms, and shoulders moreover. Mehendi styles on the back and midsection offer a delightful look. At last, in case you’re a forthcoming individual and requirements to utilize dazzling Mehandi styles on your enormous day, at that point take a gander at these marriage Mehndi plans.

Bridal Mehandi designs images for Hands

mehandi design south india

Bridal Mehandi designs for Legs

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