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5 Simple Exercise & Tips To Lose Belly Fat for Men & Women

Are you interested in belly fat exercises? If so, how to lose belly fat? Why lose belly fat? What is the fastest way to lose belly fat? Is it feasible to get a flat stomach workout? Let me tell you the easiest way of taking foods that burn belly fats. Before answering all these questions, the only question what you had to ask yourself is why should ‘I’? Let me enlighten you with interesting facts below. Just to stop the habit of having soft drinks is a challenge, tummy reduction is like Skiing in the Alps mountain.

Check out 5 simple belly fat exercises to lose belly fat

1. Twists and turns

Lie in the floor, placing your hands on the back of the head. Now crook up your knees with the foot on the floor. Lift your upper part of the body in a manner that the right shoulder curled towards the left. The opposite side must be touching the ground. This is an answer for you how to lose belly fat or simple but effective belly fat exercises.

2. Straight

Lie in the floor, fold both legs at an angle of 90 degrees, place your hands crossed at the back of your head. Raise the upper torso to inhale and exhale and put it back to rest position. Be cautious in the hands placed, if too much pressure is given to the head while lifting, as it might end up in pain. Also along with such a workout if you consume right foods that burn belly fat.

3. Side

This is slightly modified in the way that the leg of the same side and one side shoulder twist in the direction, this focus on the muscles mainly.
The precaution that is to be followed is the digestive system is very complex, it’s always better to do such exercises in a slow, steady, neat way. All exercises are focussed to free yourself from stress.

4. Reverse

Resting the back along with folded legs, the hip is also raised along the upward direction. Care must be taken in preventing from the dorsal part getting hurt due to lack of straight posture to the back. But, if done along with foods that burn belly fat will give an answer to how to lose belly fat for women?

5. Even squats

is an answer for how to lose belly fat for men can be done to reduce both belly and thigh fat. Not only men even, women can do it.

This is how to lose belly fat for women in an easy way, but how to lose belly fat for men is another big question that frequently comes as they can go for jogging, cycling, walking, gym and much more. They can try out with squats, heavy weight lifting and many more.

Rather than being emotional about all these, think twice before beginning. Once started to go ahead and succeed. Come on let’s list it down in the comment section.


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