Top 10 Latest Payal Designs 2023 and Anklet Designs for Every Women

Modern-day anklet or traditional Payal is a part of every Indian women wardrobe or Jewelry collection especially, married women. Traditionally Indian women prefer gold or silver. Payal studded different gemstones, pearls, and diamonds. Nowadays, we have Payal made of different metals alloys with unique and attractive designs.

So, let’s have a look at such a new Payal design 2023 that can enhance the beauty of your feet. Here we have some amazing anklet designs for brides also.

Ethnic Silver Payal Designs 2023

If you are looking for some traditional Payal ki designs, it will be an excellent choice for brides who want lightweight and elegant looks with a traditional touch. This design is loaded with silver pearls of different sizes and a chain of sparkling diamonds. This design of silver anklet pair is the perfect blend of tradition and elegance.


Payal with coloured Gemstones

This stunning nupur design is an excellent combination of colour and sparkle. The above pair of Indian anklets is chained with gemstones in the shape of water droplets. And as icing on the cake, red and white pearls enhance their beauty. This pair of anklets is a perfect match for any Indian traditional outfit.

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Traditional Indian Payal Ki Design with attached to toe ring

Usually, all married Indian women wear toe rings along with Payal. It is one of the best Payal designs that have toe rings attached. Specifically, the toe rings are attached to the Payal, with pearl chains having a small disk in between. And if we look at Payal small flowers with green gemstones and layered pearl chains.

Oxidized silver chained Dulhan Payal Design

This elegant yet stunning anklet design is perfect for young and newly married girls as it gives traditional vibes with a silver and modern look with its elegant design. It’s made of oxidized silver chains with solid rose flowers along with diamond and green gemstone flowers.

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Perfect Bridal Payal

Are you looking for a perfect Dulhan Payal design that you feel like a bride in feet too? tHEN, it IS a must-have Payal in your wedding jewellery collection? This Payal design is inspired by the traditional Indian wedding event of “Baraat”, with elephants and a traditional umbrella placed on a pearl chain. Additionally, the chain has extensions with red gemstones and small pearls.

Stunning Wedding Payal

This beautiful and mesmerizing Payal is the best new Payal design 2022. It is a broad chained nupur design with layers of gemstones, pearls and diamonds embedded in the gold medal. The top two layers are medium-sized pearls, then a chain of some golden gemstones surrounded with diamonds, then a gold chain, and again a diamond chain. Lastly, the pearl extensions are attached to diamond chains.

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Pure Silver Payal with toe rings

One more traditional Silver Payal design with toe rings for all the toes. It is made of pure silver and has a traditional Indian design. It has no gemstones or any colour, yet it looks stunning. The toe rings are attached to a heart-shaped disk that further connects them to the Payal. Loot at the Payal; it is loaded with silver pearls around the thick chain.

Elegant Gold and diamond Payal

This elegant nupur design is the perfect blend of elegance and sparkle. The diamond chain it has makes gives it a sparkling and elegant look. The gold pearl extensions make it even more stunning for every traditional outfit and occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do we wear Payal?

Payal are hold much more spiritual and social importance than just a piece of jewelry. Payal are said to be traditional and an auspicious gift as well as ornaments for the new bride in India culture. Whereas, scientifically it is believed that payal hold energy from one’s body and vibrated it back.

2. What is difference between Payal and Anklet?

Normally payal are also referred as anklet but there is little difference in these two. The basic difference is payal are always worn in pair whereas its not necessary for anklet. In India payal are worn by married women whereas, young girls can wear anklets. Moreover, payal are traditional or ethnic form of todays anklets.

3. Can we wear gold Payal?

Mostly, women prefer to wear silver payal made. It’s because Indians believe gold to be the metal of the gods and wearing it on the feet is disrespectful. However, it has a strong scientific reason is silver keeps the body cool calm. Also, silver is having strong antimicrobial properties to fight infections; that’s why it is good to wear silver payal.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing your favorite payal designs, payal ki design, nupur design, bridal payal, dulhan payal design and silver anklet designs.


Surbhi Rajput

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