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20+ Latest Paithani Blouse Designs Trending in 2021

Why paithani?

Paithani blouse design produces new varieties of designs on a magnified paithani blouse design 2021 for all saree colors. Paithani is one of the types of Saree in Maharastra and it’s named after the paithan town

How does the stitching happen?

The stitching is done by highly talented professionals. They enhance the simple blouse into a Paithani blouse design 2021. Paithan is categorized by borders of a square design and beautiful peacock design.

20+ Collections of Latest Paithani Blouse Designs 2021 Images

Wedlockindia listed out beautiful paithani blouse designs matches with all types of sarees. Save your favorite design and choose the best one.

A hinge

The Paithai’s saree blouse design hinge between green and orange is an output of a leaf and flower.

  • Ideal contrast: Border colour Necklace
  • Age: nothing in specific.
  • Possible combination: with a simple chain

Stitched with beads

A paithani blouse design for saree embossing of bead gives a revamped look.

  • Ideal contrast: Paithani saree blouse designs for any.
  • Age: 25+ Blouse design for paithani
  • Possible combination: necklace with white colour beads

Fril and knots Paithani

The best blouse design for paithani Frilled front part design attracts with the combination of two different colours such as red and green.

  • Ideal contrast: any green or red
  • Age : 20 and above
  • Combination: with a white dollar

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White beads and multi-colour blouse

The combination of white, multi-colour stones

  • ideal contrast: multi-colour blouse
  • Age: youth girls.
  • Combination: single fleet.

Pink and sunflower

When the hands are greatly stitched with beads.

  • Ideal contrast: white beads
  • Age: young
  • Combination: saree or gagra.

Back neck design

The different back neck design over different colour is eye-catching.

  • Ideal contrast: Multicolour Paithani blouse design.
  • Age: 25+
  • Combination: Necklace

Yellow and red combo

When the yellow colour blouse is loaded with leaf border.

  • Ideal contrast: yellow, red, cream, multicoloured sarees.
  • Age: 20 and above
  • Combination: excellent women combo.

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Old is reformed

The old-style is reformed into a new fashion with beads and jari’s gives a rich look for the blouse.

  • Ideal contrast: white stone and flower beads
  • Age: 25+
  • Combination: saree, lehanga.

Green with Jari

Scintillating green coloured blouse with center jari will make the eye get tightly hooked.

  • Ideal contrast: saree
  • Age: 20 and above.
  • Combination: saree.

Beautiful combination

The modest combination of the red with white stone along with a Jari border will revamp the look of the blouse.

  • Ideal combination: golden beads.
  • Age: 19+
  • Combination: saree

Novice idea

The blouse is in yellow colour and the thread work is blue, green, red.

  • Ideal contrast: Thread work
  • Age: richness of age.
  • Combination: saree.

Bluish simplicity

The easy design of blue colour enhances the richness of the blouse and highlights the jari with the blouse.

  • Ideal contrast: saree
  • Age: 30 plus
  • Combination: lehanga

Look new

The neat outfit of blue gives you the best attire for your function.
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  • Ideal contrast: blue or blue bordered
  • Age: 25
  • Combination: north style tieing

Bluish with golden neck pattern

The neck is patterned with golden thread in contrast with blue.

  • Ideal contrast: dark blue with golden jari.
  • Age: 25 plus
  • Combination: saree

Rose with orange beading

A wide array of designer blouses might be projected but the orange beading on the rose blouse.

  • Ideal contrast: light sarees
  • Age: 25+
  • Combination: all types of skin colours.

Red big bead

The red colour blouse with white beads on the edges will look very contrasting and the half handed jari.
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  • the ideal combination: jari sarees
  • Age: 20+
  • Combination: white stone

To conclude:

Find the right paithani blouse designs 2021 for your special day. Check out the related post section to find the latest blouse designs in 2021



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