Top 10 Eid Mehndi Designs to Embrace Ramzan in 2020

Latest Eid Mehndi Designs 2020

Eid Mubarak to all the fans who are reading this post. Ramzan season already so all the muslim started taking fasting. How the Ramzan Celebration ends without eid mehndi designs.

One of the significant thing that is vital for eid is mehndi plan. Mehndi is for young ladies and just for young ladies since it looks lovely on their excellent hands.

This striking plan is exquisite so you can quickly get the eye-getting consideration of anybody when you apply these appealing structures on the strike.

Latest Collections of Mehndi Designs for Eid 2020 Festival

Here are the most sensitive and rich top 10 simple Eid Mehndi Designs 2020. You can apply these stunning structure on your palm just as strike.

1) Rick Look Mehendi

Here is the most rich look mehendi designs and quite difficult for beginners to try this. But definitely you can try based on the practice.

new mehndi design for eid

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2) Simple Mehndi Design for Eid

Yeah, Eid Mubarak Mehndi Designs specially tried for this Ramzan festival. What an amazing design isn’t it.

eid mehndi designs

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3) Collection of Easy Eid Mehendi Designs for Fingers

Beautiful collections of simple and easy mehendi designs to try this Ramzan in 2020. You can choose your favorite design and enjoy festival.

easy mehndi designs for eid

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4) Elegant Eid Mehndi

Another stunning eid mehndi with simple moon design. This is very easy for beginners to try in ramzan festival.


eid special mehndi design

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5) Popular Eid Henna Designs of 2020

This henna design is most popular in 2020 and become a viral design. Perfect arabic eid mehndi designs which is beautiful covered the front hand with lovely design.

ramzan mehndi design

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7) Stunning Simple Mehndi Designs for Eid 2020

Most women like simple designs rather than filling the full hands. If you are the simple women then try this out. Perfect design for online shopping lovers 🙂

simple mehndi designs for eid

8) Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2020

Pakistani mehendi design is one of the lovely designs which is loved by everyone in the world. One of the best pakistani mehendi designs

eid henna designs

10) Arabic Eid Mehendi Designs

Everyone search for arabic mehendi designs because that is one of the simplest mehndi designs to try on Ramzan. Hopefully you will have lot of work in Ramzan purchase clothes, jewellery and more. These mehendi designs will be simple and easy to try in your busy schedule.

mehndi designs for eid 2020


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15+ Simple Blouse Designs for Daily Wear Sarees

If you are going to buy a blouse, it is must that you choose that which match with your saree. In market there are different simple blouse designs available for daily wear, but choose the best one is hard. Because a good design blouse must also fit you. Below is few of famous blouse design which is in trend:


Collection of 15+ Latest Simple Blouse Designs for Daily Wear Sarees

1. Pot neck blouse

Pot neck blouse design

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The blouse is available in different colors like blue, red, green, and more colors. The design looks beautiful. It gives grace to you when you are attending any function. The round neck design on the back can add a compelling look to the designer blouse.
The blouse is light in weight with a simple design for daily wear. The potted neck on the back can add an excellent touch to a simple sari.

2. Blouse design catalog

Blouse design catalog

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These blouses can be in different types. The form intersects at the bottom and top, but fills up in the center, creating bulges and bulges. If you love this Simple blouse designs for daily wear and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe, there are many ways to do it.


3. Trendy blouse back neck designs with borders for sarees

blouse back neck designs with borders
The blouse is made of cotton cloth. This blouse is very simple in look. There are borders of the saree on the end of the sleeves. This is good to wear in offices. It is perfect for official meetings. All Sally wardrobes require a classic high neck blouse design featuring contrasting edging style edges. This type of blouse can also be combined with a variety of sarees, such as silk, satin, and georgettes, and with a traditional looking net that spells elegant charm. Perfect blouse design to wear daily.


4. Wedding saree blouse

simple aari work designs

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The work on the blouse is excellent for bride. These types of the blouse are the perfect bridal blouse designs. This blouse offers Sally elegance, charm, and beauty. With a well-designed, snug blouse, a typical Sally can completely transform itself. Simple blouse designs have the magical ability to redefine the beauty of every Sally. That is why designers pay special attention to shirts when showing current fashion trends.

5. Backless blouse design

Backless blouse design

The color of the blouse is pink. Just thinking about the design of an open-backed blouse, you’ve got all sorts of fashion goals, and you’re ready for summer, and now there’s no better season to protect this modern style enduring these Simple blouse designs for daily wear. From colorful mehndi features to fun cocktail nights and bright morning weddings, these open-ended blouse designs are typically stylish and never out of style.


6. Embroidery Blouse

Embroidery Blouse

The blouse looks very beautiful. The work done on this is very good and beautiful. This is stitched very well. The embroidery on it is very well. The back design is perfect. The starting is with round shape, and in the end, it turns into V-shape.


7. Cream colorful blouse

cream color simple blouse

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The color of the blouse is cream. The color is very trendy. Women love this color. The blouse is padded, and the design of the sleeves is furled type. Simple blouse designs are available. There is a net on the neck of the blouse. There is a design on the end of the sleeves of blouse with golden less.

8. Cream color blouse design

The color is cream of the blouse. There are furl sleeves in the blouse. The sleeves are full netted. The back neck of the blouse is V-shaped. The blouse is perfect for weddings as well as it will be perfect for formal parties.

9. Stunning blouse design collection

simple blouse design for daily wear

The blouse is in Simple blouse designs for daily wear. The blouses are round-necked, backless, pot neck, and many more. The blouse is present in different clothes like silk, cotton, neck, satin and more.

10. Emerald color backless blouse

simple blouse designs 2021

This open-back blouse design with a unique pattern will help you look neat Full sleeve pattern and knot on the back. It is shorter than the average size, which will help you feel sexy even with the most straightforward design. It looks perfect with Indian sari and will shine you. You admire its delicacy. Stunning simple blouse designs for daily wear to the office.


11. Round neck blouse

round neck simple blouse design

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The color of the blouse is beautiful. The blouse is of the round neck. The work is on the neck and the sleeves. This will give a delightful look to your saree. The cloth of the blouse is silk. The blouse sleeves are short.


12. Simple neck back designs

Super modern, it’s one of the most Simple blouse designs right now! The fabric of the blouse is transparent, like a net or transparent georgette. The coating material is not attached to the back, so it remains open.

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15+ Latest Aari work Blouse Designs 2020 for Every Women

Aari work shows its appearance in the 12th century, during the rule of Mughal emperors and they called Zardozi work. Aari work blouse designs on clothes reflects its royalty and its richness. Earlier Aari work was done from golden and silver threads, real gemstones in the emperor families. Later on, Aari work started doing with silk threads and so on.

Aari work in India are practiced in various regions by different names such as Kasuthi in Karnataka, Shisha or Mirror work in Gujarat, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

Now the latest trend is Aari work designs for blouses. This Aari work blouse designs give a special effect to pattu sarees and helps in enhancing the beauty of the bride. Bridal look completes not only on sarees, jewels, makeup but also on Aari works for blouses.

Collections of 15+ Latest Aari work Blouse Back Neck Designs Patterns 2020

It is not meant that the Aari work for blouses only for brides, it is completely wrong. Aari work suites all age groups of women. For small girls, you can make Aari work for pattu langa, so that it gives an elegant look to the dress. Here are a few latest 15 Aari Work Blouse designs.

1) Zardosi work.

wedding blouse latest images

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This is the perfect work for brides. In this Aari work blouse design, we use beads, Lakshmi coins, kundans and so on. The design is ethnic which depicts bride and groom, floral work and the sleeves are designed with rhombus shapes filled with golden zardozi work at the center red kundans. In this, we used various color combinations for stunning effects. By giving back mesh, it will give gorgeousness to the blouse.

2) Lehanga Cut work blouse design.

Lehenga Blouse Designs for Bridal
Lehenga Blouse Designs for Bridal

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In short, it is called as cutwork. This design is best for lehengas because of its length. In this design, it is the combination of small beads, golden threads. This works suits for single color lehengas without any contrasts.

3) Square-beads Aari work Blouse Design

The above design and this one are almost similar. But the back neck is simple and gives elegant work. This Aari work blouse design suits not only for the bride but also for everyone in all age groups. This design is an ever-lasting fashion.

aari work blouse designs

4) Jewelry blouse design

This is the latest and ever-lasting design. Cold shoulders are really popular in western outfits and they are quite a hit in Indian and traditional attires too.  The cold shoulder is designed with hanging jewelry with chunks, beads, and pendant. This design itself looks like Tholbandi.

simple aari work designs

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5) Ethnic Aari Work.

bridal blouse with aari work

In this Aari work blouse design, it is designed the images Lord Krishna, Lord Karthikeya, Goddess Lakshmi with the help of golden threads, beads, stone chains, Kundan stones, and other decorative items. If the bride wears feels the blessings of those god/ goddess at the time of marriage.

6) Floral and leaf Zardosi work.

How fresh and different this look is! The full and heavy embroidered sleeves are beautifying the look. This Aari work bridal blouse design gives a fresh look to the entire attire.

aari work blouse

7) Peacock Aari Blouse Designs

Peacock embroidery with beads, Kundan and stones on sleeves gives a perfectly poised look.

aari blouse designs

8) Maggam work on the blouse.

maggam work on blouse hands

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The rich sleeve Aari work on sleeves, give a stunning effect to your entire outfit. If back designs are simple but elegant sleeve designs give a great look to the entire blouse.

9) Floral-square Zardozi work.

bridal blouse embroidery designs

This is a heavy design with a golden thread and Kundan. The downward U-shaped Aari work looks like tholbandi. Hence extra jewelry is not required to wear. This Aari work bridal blouse is the perfect design for brides.

10) Mirror work Aari design.

A piece of fashion advice is to have a flattering mirror. Mirror work on fabric looks a thousand times more beautiful. Along with mirror work, leaf and creeper work gives a stunning look. This is one of the best Aari work blouse designs.

simple aari work designs for beginners

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20+ Latest Paithani Blouse Designs Trending in 2020

Paithani Blouse Designs 2020

Why paithani?

Paithani blouse design produces new varieties of designs on a magnified paithani blouse design 2020 for all saree colors. Paithani is one of the types of Saree in Maharastra and it’s named after the paithan town

How does the stitching happen?

The stitching is done by highly talented professionals. They enhance the simple blouse into a Paithani blouse design 2020. Paithan is categorized by borders of a square design and beautiful peacock design.

20+ Collections of Latest Paithani Blouse Designs 2020 Images

Wedlockindia listed out beautiful paithani blouse designs matches with all types of sarees. Save your favorite design and choose the best one.


The Paithai’s saree blouse design hinge between green and orange is an output of a leaf and flower.

green and red paithani blouse design

  • Ideal contrast: Border colour Necklace
  • Age: nothing in specific.
  • Possible combination: with a simple chain

Stitched with beads

A paithani blouse design for saree embossing of bead gives a revamped look.

new paithani blouse design 2020

  • Ideal contrast: Paithani saree blouse designs for any.
  • Age: 25+ Blouse design for paithani
  • Possible combination: necklace with white colour beads

Fril and knots Paithani

The best blouse design for paithani Frilled front part design attracts with the combination of two different colours such as red and green.

paithani blouse designs back side

  • Ideal contrast: any green or red
  • Age : 20 and above
  • Combination: with a white dollar

White beads and multi-colour blouse

The combination of white, multi-colour stones

paithani backside blouse

  • ideal contrast: multi-colour blouse
  • Age: youth girls.
  • Combination: single fleet.

Pink and sunflower

When the hands are greatly stitched with beads.

paithani blouse design

  • Ideal contrast: white beads
  • Age: young
  • Combination: saree or gagra.

Back neck design 

The different back neck design over different colour is eye-catching.

paithani blouse designs photo

  • Ideal contrast: Multicolour Paithani blouse design.
  • Age: 25+
  • Combination: Necklace

Yellow and red combo

When the yellow colour blouse is loaded with leaf border.

paithani blouse design image

  • Ideal contrast: yellow, red, cream, multicoloured sarees.
  • Age: 20 and above
  • Combination: excellent women combo.

Old is reformed

The old-style is reformed into a new fashion with beads and jari’s gives a rich look for the blouse.

blue paithani blouse

  • Ideal contrast: white stone and flower beads
  • Age: 25+
  • Combination: saree, lehanga.

Green with Jari

Scintillating green coloured blouse with center jari will make the eye get tightly hooked.

paithani blouse design photo 2020

  • Ideal contrast: saree
  • Age: 20 and above.
  • Combination: saree.

Beautiful combination

The modest combination of the red with white stone along with a Jari border will revamp the look of the blouse.

paithani saree blouse designs

  • Ideal combination: golden beads.
  • Age: 19+
  • Combination: saree

Novice idea

The blouse is in yellow colour and the thread work is blue, green, red.

latest yellow paithani blouse designs

  • Ideal contrast: Thread work
  • Age: richness of age.
  • Combination: saree.

Bluish simplicity

The easy design of blue colour enhances the richness of the blouse and highlights the jari with the blouse.

blue paithani blouse

  • Ideal contrast: saree
  • Age: 30 plus
  • Combination: lehanga

Look new

The neat outfit of blue gives you the best attire for your function.

paithani blouse design simple

  • Ideal contrast: blue or blue bordered
  • Age: 25
  • Combination: north style tieing

Bluish with golden neck pattern

The neck is patterned with golden thread in contrast with blue.

  • Ideal contrast: dark blue with golden jari.
  • Age: 25 plus
  • Combination: saree

Rose with orange beading

A wide array of designer blouses might be projected but the orange beading on the rose blouse.

paithani blouse design 2020 image

  • Ideal contrast: light sarees
  • Age: 25+
  • Combination: all types of skin colours.

Red big bead 

The red colour blouse with white beads on the edges will look very contrasting and the half handed jari.

  • the ideal combination: jari sarees
  • Age: 20+
  • Combination: white stone

To conclude:

Find the right paithani blouse designs 2020 for your special day. Check out the related post section to find the latest blouse designs in 2020


30 Best Pongal Kolam 2020 Rangoli Designs to Decorate Your Home

If you are looking for beautiful Pongal kolam designs to try in 2020 then you landed in the right place. Wedlockindia listed out some exclusive Sankranthi rangoli designs for the festival. Embrace the occasion with this kolam designs.

Collections of Pongal Kolam and Sankranthi Rangoli Designs 2020

Pongal Kolams and rangoli structures: Pongal is commended on Jan fifteenth this year and what’s unique about it? Well, it’s a gather celebration and individuals enrich their homes with Pongal kolams, cause the sweet to Pongal and go for family picnics while gnawing into the delectable sugarcanes and sharing family stories.

In this post we have included 25 delightful Pongal kolams for your motivation, decorate your homes with these excellent Pongal kolams during the celebration and spread the delight of festivity.

Pongal Rangoli Designs with Pot

pongal kolam rangoli 2020

Pongal Pot with flower Design for Competition

pongal kolam rangoli

Simple Pongal Kolam 2020 Rangoli

pongal kolam with dots 2020

Latest Pongal Muggulu

pongal kolams

Maatu Pongal Rangoli


pongal kolam for maatu pongal

Sankranthi Rangoli Designs with Dots

pongal kolam book

Pongal Rangoli with Dots

pongal kolam with dots

Pongal Rangoli with Theme for Competition

pongal muggulu

Pongal Muggulu for Competition

sankranti kolam

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