New Age Weddings Call For Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding is the time for togetherness and bonding. It is a time when you get a chance to meet up with your friends and relatives. Everyone looks forward to marriage functions for this one reason. It is a great time to reunite and re-bond with your relatives.

In Indian families, especially, relatives start coming one or two weeks ahead of the wedding day.    Not just for the families of the brides and the grooms, a marriage is a reason for rejoicing for everyone associated with them.

These days, with the advancement of everything, the modern Indian wedding invitation card has also got a facelift. Right after a marriage is fixed, the first thing that is done is choosing the wedding card. The process involves the entire family sitting together to decide how the message will be written, what material should go in, what texture, what kind of paper and what color

A typical scene at an Indian household while selecting wedding invitation card. Every family member will voice their opinion. The elderly people will remember their times. Lovely conversations about old times, sharing memories and family fun facts would be shared over tea and snacks. The most tech-savvy member of the house will have numerous wedding card websites open on a laptop or an iPad. And the card will be selected over a lot of laughter, jokes, fun, and frolic.

Usher In An Auspicious Beginning With Wedding Invitation Card

India is a country of gods and goddess. Needless to say, Indians are God-fearing and that gets reflected in all their customs. Especially, when it comes to a wedding, the rituals and customs are observed in a very sacrosanct manner. Same goes for the wedding invitation card.

Even, the contemporary power couples, who want to get each and everything customized, prefer to go the traditional way when it comes to choosing the modern Indian wedding invitation cards. They select the layout, motifs, color scheme, patterns and message to resonate the spiritual sentiment of the people.

Traditionally wedding cards use the image of Lord Ganesha followed by a small prayer as Lord Ganesha is known the Vighnaharta and the deity to be offered the prayer before any other deity. Hence the families pray to him for making the new beginning of their children’s life. Marriage is a time when two individuals start a new life together. At this time of their life, they need the blessing of their elders and good wishes from their friends.

Designer And Bespoke Cards Preferred By Power Couples

The modern urban upwardly moving population is creating demands for designer wedding cards. Every customer wants the wedding card to be exclusive. The wedding is a time when people do not deter to splurge their wealth. They want the wedding function to be the talk of the town. And it begins with choosing an exclusive wedding card.

A wedding card is the preview of the marriage. The guests take the queue from the wedding card what they can expect from the main event. Weddings are usually marked with excellent decorations, arrangements, food, and hospitality. Treating the guests are considered to be equivalent to treating God. Hence, the wedding families make sure that the guests are treated well.

Sanctity Of Marriage That Binds Two Families  

The sacred fire is lit, the wedding stage decorated beautifully with flowers, brass pots and all things auspicious. Friends and families have gathered to shower blessings and well wishes – all waiting for the demure bride. The bride emerges from the transformation temple – a gorgeous and graceful lady ready to take the challenges of the new life head-on. A major transformation from a girl next door – just like a beautiful butterfly coming out of the cocoon! At the stage you have the bridegroom surrounded by his friends and best men – his eyes roving for his bride to be.

Indian marriages are conducted in a very special manner. It is made to be so beautiful and sacrosanct that it seems like a dream. People who are married and have lost the spark also feel the vibes as fond memories are rekindled in their hearts. It also ushers myriads of hopes and dreams for the youngsters who are yet to be married.

Indian Marriages No Less Than Festivals

In India, marriages are celebrated with equal aplomb as the festivals. Even people with modest livelihoods leave no stone unturned to make it as grand as possible. Indian marriages are marked with numerous customs – each celebrated with a lot of fun and exuberance. The main wedding day is filled with glitters and glow all over.

A wedding in the family is the chance for people to get out of their mundane life. They come in the best of their attires and wear their best jewelry. Everyone looks forward to a wedding occasion as it gives them a chance to meet each other and rejoice.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people get very less time to be with their loved ones. Our cousins who have been very close to us in our childhood, but have lost touch now, get a chance to come together once again and create memories once again. We meet, we share, we laugh, and we cry together, we get replenished and recharged!




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