Inspiring Ideas to Plan Your Dream Wedding

Inspiring Ideas to Plan Your Dream Wedding

The wedding is one of the most memorable days in a person’s life. As such, it is no wonder that most women go crazy trying to make sure that everything will be perfect on their special day. However, most of the things that you consider to be important won’t really matter on your wedding day, when you will be overwhelmed with emotions and joy. The details that matter are the ones that create special moments, such as unique photo sessions or the wedding dance. So, if you are in need of some unique wedding ideas, we have some thoughts that will surely inspire you.

Custom wedding songs

There are countless romantic songs in the world, but no song will ever be able to accurately reflect your love store. Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal wedding music, consider some custom wedding songs.Our recommendation would be to book Lindsey Harper. Her lyrics are very creative and inspiring, and she interview the young couple herself in order to get to know their story. Moreover, she has a warm voice that will sure touch the hearts of your guests. To make sure your playlist will also please your guests, ask them to write their favorite songs on the RSVP card, and make sure to include the most demanded songs in the final playlist.

Brand your wedding

Branding is the process through which an organization uses certain messages and visuals in order to build a reputation. You can use this marketing trick to make sure your wedding will be remembered by your guests. For example, you can ask a graphic designer or a calligrapher to design a custom stamp made from the initials of your name and your partner’s name. You can also add a drawing to the stamp to make it more artistic. Once you have the final stamp, make sure to use it on most of the elements of your wedding, from the invitations, to the napkins, the deserts and the wedding decorations. You can even order custom wine labels, featuring your wedding stamp.

Share your story with the guests

The purpose of a wedding is to share your love with the people that you hold dear. You can take this idea even further, by sharing some of your favorite moments with your guests. For example, you can order custom napkins and print some fun facts on them, such as the way that the two of you met, how the groom proposed and so on. You can also consider a tree photo display, featuring the most beautiful memories that the two of you shared.

Fun guest activities

To make sure that your guests will actually enjoy your wedding day, make sure to plan some fun activities for them. For example, you could build a custom wheel of fortune with special prizes such as a kiss from the bride and groom, a dance with the bride and so on. As the party heats up, you could also consider some fun drinking games, like beer pong or flip cup. And let’s not forget the famous shoe game, which doesn’t require a lot of planning, and it is bound to stir some laughts and get everybody in a good mood.

Opt for a unique trash the dress photo session

The fun doesn’t stop when the wedding is over, as you still have the trash the dress photo session, and this is your chance to go wild and relieve all the wedding planning stress. However, don’t settle for some boring outdoor photos. Make things more interesting by choosing an underwater photo session, or maybe try an extreme sport. You can also opt for an unusual location, such as the edge of a cliff. Not only will the photos be more interesting with these ideas, but it will also be a great opportunity for the two of you to do something fun and exciting together.

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