Top 20 Best Designer Bridal Lehenga Designs for 2019-2020 Brides

Lehenga Designs 2019

Wedding costume is one of the dreams for every woman. What about you? Yeah, I’m sure you are a fashionista bride-to-be who wants to looks modern in your wedding reception, that’s the reason you are reading this blog post now to find out the best lehenga designs 2019.

The wedding is the biggest day of your life and you dreamed about it for a very long time. When it comes to the wedding you will be thinking about your wedding reception costume, wearing lehengas is the latest trend in 2019 for a wedding reception.

Now the entire country is interested in wearing lehenga for a wedding. Wearing lehengas is very popular in north India but the same trend is moved closer to south India as well.

Wedlockindia team researched on the internet and Pinterest to explore the most beautiful bridal lehenga designs in 2019. Let’s Go!!!!! Don’t forget to save the best lehenga designs in 2019 for your big day.

Red Lehenga blouse design with Printed Work Design

Beautiful Red Lehenga like choli model top with off shoulder sleeve. Customised beautiful lehenga specially designed for modern women in India. Printed flower work on the skirt and minute work in the crop top.

lehenga designs with price Red Embroidery Bridal Lehenga

Latest Pink Lehenga Embroidery Heavy Work

Heavy work pink bridal lehenga design. This lehenga is completely designed for women interested in wearing heavy work for their wedding. This design is very popular in North Indian wedding. Save it! Grab it!

latest lehenga design 2019

Pink Stone Work Bridal Lehenga

Stunning pink lehenga with minute work on the complete gown. This is gown type model lehenga designs with a stonework and zardosi work mixed type.
latest bridal lehenga design 2019

Trending Lehenga Designs 2019

Simple Bridal Lehenga for Wedding 2019

Yellow and pink simple bridal lehenga designed for women who are not interested in wearing a heavy work lehenga costume for the wedding. Printed work lehanga model trending on the internet in the recent year.

latest lehenga designs 2019 for wedding

Simple Yellow and Pink Lehanga blouse design

Blue skirt lehenga with the plain silver top. Matching dupatta in cream colour with a blue border this gives an elegant look to the bride. Simple plain lehenga for a bridesmaid.

lehanga designs 2019

Blue Printed Work Lehenga Design

Traditional deep Bridal Red Lehengas

OMG! What a beautiful lehnga it is!!! I know you will get this statement in your mind after seeing the below lehenga design. Such a nice design applause to the fashion designer.

bridal lehenga 2019

Traditional Deep Printed Lehenga

Zardosi Work Lehenga Designs 2019 for Bride to Be

Every woman now about Zardosi work dresses. When it comes to wedding Zardosi workplaces a major role in lehenga blouse designs in 2019. Zardosi work will give a grand look for the attire.

lehenga with zardosi work

Zardosi Work Bridal Lehenga 2019

Mirror Work with Boat Neck Lehenga Blouse

Fully covered lehenga blouse with boat neck design. Mirror work lehenga skirt with a plain net designed boat neck top.

2019 lehenga design

Mirror Work Boat Neck Lehenga

Elegant High Neck Blouse with Floral Work

Red and silver combination are always the best combination for lehenga. Floral work on the bridal lehenga gives a beautiful stunning look. Save this beautiful dress for your wedding.

lehenga designs 2019

Floral Lehenga Designs

Sonam Kapoor wedding lehenga

Sonam kapoor lehenga

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Wedding Costume

Deepika padukone wedding lehenga

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Bridal Lehenga

Anushka Sharma Wedding

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What to wear to an Indian Wedding as a Female & Male Guest

The wedding is the big event in the entire world but the Indian wedding is more special to that. In 2018 & 2019 Every year millions of dollar spend on Indian wedding events. Weddings are gigantic occasions in India. From the sheer number of functions to the visitors, the hues and the magnificence, there is nothing very like an Indian wedding with regards to the scale. While weddings in many parts of the world praise the two people getting hitched, in India, the festival is of the two families meeting up, total with every one of their likenesses, idiosyncrasies, and contrasts.

When you are invited to an Indian Hindu wedding, Muslim wedding or Christian wedding you have a lot of confusion on how to dress to an Indian wedding and what to wear to an Indian wedding reception and wedding? No worries following tips will be helpful to choose the perfect dress for an Indian wedding.

What do Male & Female Guests wear to an Indian Wedding Reception

American people are love to attend an Indian wedding because they love their tradition, culture, and foods but they are quite confused on what dress to wear as male & female guest. We have listed out Indian outfits best fit for male guest & female guest

Indian Women Wear for Wedding


Indian saree is their tradition Every women dream is to wear saree at least once in their lifetime usually american, australian most of the foreign women love to wear. saree plays a major role in Indian wedding but mostly guest will prefer wearing saree only on the wedding than reception. Some of the wedding saree collection

Indian wedding guest

american dress for indian wedding

kids dress for indian wedding

wedding saree for guest


Lehenga is the latest trend in Indian wedding in 2018 & 2019. Grand Lehenga in Indian wedding is the main preference for the wedding reception.

lehenga wedding

Colors to Avoid

Bright colors are highly encouraged at Indian weddings and only a few colors should be avoided when choosing your wedding attire. Do not wear white or black as there are the colors worn at Indian funerals and for mourning. Red should also be avoided since this is the color that the bride tends to wear.


What to wear to an Indian wedding as a Male Guest

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Inspiring Ideas to Plan Your Dream Wedding

The wedding is one of the most memorable days in a person’s life. As such, it is no wonder that most women go crazy trying to make sure that everything will be perfect on their special day. However, most of the things that you consider to be important won’t really matter on your wedding day, when you will be overwhelmed with emotions and joy. The details that matter are the ones that create special moments, such as unique photo sessions or the wedding dance. So, if you are in need of some unique wedding ideas, we have some thoughts that will surely inspire you.

Custom wedding songs

There are countless romantic songs in the world, but no song will ever be able to accurately reflect your love store. Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal wedding music, consider some custom wedding songs.Our recommendation would be to book Lindsey Harper. Her lyrics are very creative and inspiring, and she interview the young couple herself in order to get to know their story. Moreover, she has a warm voice that will sure touch the hearts of your guests. To make sure your playlist will also please your guests, ask them to write their favorite songs on the RSVP card, and make sure to include the most demanded songs in the final playlist.

Brand your wedding

Branding is the process through which an organization uses certain messages and visuals in order to build a reputation. You can use this marketing trick to make sure your wedding will be remembered by your guests. For example, you can ask a graphic designer or a calligrapher to design a custom stamp made from the initials of your name and your partner’s name. You can also add a drawing to the stamp to make it more artistic. Once you have the final stamp, make sure to use it on most of the elements of your wedding, from the invitations, to the napkins, the deserts and the wedding decorations. You can even order custom wine labels, featuring your wedding stamp.

Share your story with the guests

The purpose of a wedding is to share your love with the people that you hold dear. You can take this idea even further, by sharing some of your favorite moments with your guests. For example, you can order custom napkins and print some fun facts on them, such as the way that the two of you met, how the groom proposed and so on. You can also consider a tree photo display, featuring the most beautiful memories that the two of you shared.

Fun guest activities

To make sure that your guests will actually enjoy your wedding day, make sure to plan some fun activities for them. For example, you could build a custom wheel of fortune with special prizes such as a kiss from the bride and groom, a dance with the bride and so on. As the party heats up, you could also consider some fun drinking games, like beer pong or flip cup. And let’s not forget the famous shoe game, which doesn’t require a lot of planning, and it is bound to stir some laughts and get everybody in a good mood.

Opt for a unique trash the dress photo session

The fun doesn’t stop when the wedding is over, as you still have the trash the dress photo session, and this is your chance to go wild and relieve all the wedding planning stress. However, don’t settle for some boring outdoor photos. Make things more interesting by choosing an underwater photo session, or maybe try an extreme sport. You can also opt for an unusual location, such as the edge of a cliff. Not only will the photos be more interesting with these ideas, but it will also be a great opportunity for the two of you to do something fun and exciting together.

Ditch the Marigold Mehendi Decor For These 4 Absolutely Impressive DIY For Your Spring Wedding

One of the most fun-filled and effervescent wedding celebrations is the Mehendi function! With the ever-burgeoning trends and ideas in terms of Mehendi decor, one can never fall short of quirky decor elements and themes for this sheer flamboyant celebrations. The rather informal function is the one where you can completely experiment with the decor in terms of colors and themes to make the most out of its joyous essence!

However, 2017 Mehendi decor trend had been all about the vibrant Marigold flowers and while the trend was as beautiful as it could be, we have had enough of the Marigold Theme Mehendi Decor! For your spring wedding this year, we have listed 5 alternative Mehendi themes for you that will surely create a striking impression for your guests-

1. Ombre Decor

One of the most trending Mehendi decor themes of this year includes an ombre backdrop! Ombre decor is one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes that one can incorporate into their Mehendi venue. The theme can be beautifully set up in the venue with any desirable colour. One can use all sorts of wedding decor elements like flowers, origami, and drapes to set up this theme in their celebrations. Not only will this theme add a splash of your favorite color, but also create a whimsical backdrop for your function!

2. Sunflower Theme

Move over from the Marigold theme to this gorgeous Sunflower one! The beautiful backdrop of Sunflowers on your Mehendi day will not only create a striking impression but also add a dash of vivacity to your celebrations while retaining the essence of Mehendi function. The whimsical theme is unique and gives off a rather rustic look and feels to your function. To complement this theme, use orange colored drapes in your decor and witness the venue transform into a dream-like setup!

3. A Dreamcatcher Themed Mehendi

When you are all set to live your nuptial-dream, what’s better than to incorporate the sacred hoops of Dreamcatchers while embarking your journey? Dreamcatchers not only hold a beautiful significance but also create a gorgeous sight to behold. Upon setting up a dreamcatcher themed decor in your Mehendi venue, you create an unparalleled ambiance in terms of beauty! Choose to hang various colors of these boho elements in your venue to add a dash of vivacity to the celebrations. Instead of the classic dreamcatcher, opt for an Indian-ised version of the same that uses tiles instead of feathers and Ghungroos instead of beads.

4. A Fusion Color Pop Theme

For a celebration as flamboyant as Mehendi in Indian Weddings, a theme that can never go wrong is a Fusion of Color Pops! Splash your Mehendi venues with as many vibrant colors as you can to create an ambiance of sheer vivacity. Fuse the multi-colors into your Mehendi venue and watch it become as whimsical as it could be while retaining the effervescent essence of the celebration! May it be your backdrop, drapes, or decor elements, fill your venue with the combination of bright colors like Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange to have a breathtakingly beautiful setup.

Having your desired theme incorporated into your Mehendi venue isn’t as much of a hassle as it may appear. With the right planning, you can work wonders with your Mehendi venue without many efforts. If you are looking for a flawless Mehendi venue that can very well have your favorable theme set up into it beautifully, visit VenueMonk- Delhi NCR’s leading event planning portal that offers the widest range of bespoke Wedding venues at the guaranteed lowest prices!

New Age Weddings Call For Modern Indian Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding is the time for togetherness and bonding. It is a time when you get a chance to meet up with your friends and relatives. Everyone looks forward to marriage functions for this one reason. It is a great time to reunite and re-bond with your relatives.

In Indian families, especially, relatives start coming one or two weeks ahead of the wedding day.    Not just for the families of the brides and the grooms, a marriage is a reason for rejoicing for everyone associated with them.

These days, with the advancement of everything, the modern Indian wedding invitation card has also got a facelift. Right after a marriage is fixed, the first thing that is done is choosing the wedding card. The process involves the entire family sitting together to decide how the message will be written, what material should go in, what texture, what kind of paper and what color

A typical scene at an Indian household while selecting wedding invitation card. Every family member will voice their opinion. The elderly people will remember their times. Lovely conversations about old times, sharing memories and family fun facts would be shared over tea and snacks. The most tech-savvy member of the house will have numerous wedding card websites open on a laptop or an iPad. And the card will be selected over a lot of laughter, jokes, fun, and frolic.

Usher In An Auspicious Beginning With Wedding Invitation Card

India is a country of gods and goddess. Needless to say, Indians are God-fearing and that gets reflected in all their customs. Especially, when it comes to a wedding, the rituals and customs are observed in a very sacrosanct manner. Same goes for the wedding invitation card.

Even, the contemporary power couples, who want to get each and everything customized, prefer to go the traditional way when it comes to choosing the modern Indian wedding invitation cards. They select the layout, motifs, color scheme, patterns and message to resonate the spiritual sentiment of the people.

Traditionally wedding cards use the image of Lord Ganesha followed by a small prayer as Lord Ganesha is known the Vighnaharta and the deity to be offered the prayer before any other deity. Hence the families pray to him for making the new beginning of their children’s life. Marriage is a time when two individuals start a new life together. At this time of their life, they need the blessing of their elders and good wishes from their friends.

Designer And Bespoke Cards Preferred By Power Couples

The modern urban upwardly moving population is creating demands for designer wedding cards. Every customer wants the wedding card to be exclusive. The wedding is a time when people do not deter to splurge their wealth. They want the wedding function to be the talk of the town. And it begins with choosing an exclusive wedding card.

A wedding card is the preview of the marriage. The guests take the queue from the wedding card what they can expect from the main event. Weddings are usually marked with excellent decorations, arrangements, food, and hospitality. Treating the guests are considered to be equivalent to treating God. Hence, the wedding families make sure that the guests are treated well.

Sanctity Of Marriage That Binds Two Families  

The sacred fire is lit, the wedding stage decorated beautifully with flowers, brass pots and all things auspicious. Friends and families have gathered to shower blessings and well wishes – all waiting for the demure bride. The bride emerges from the transformation temple – a gorgeous and graceful lady ready to take the challenges of the new life head-on. A major transformation from a girl next door – just like a beautiful butterfly coming out of the cocoon! At the stage you have the bridegroom surrounded by his friends and best men – his eyes roving for his bride to be.

Indian marriages are conducted in a very special manner. It is made to be so beautiful and sacrosanct that it seems like a dream. People who are married and have lost the spark also feel the vibes as fond memories are rekindled in their hearts. It also ushers myriads of hopes and dreams for the youngsters who are yet to be married.

Indian Marriages No Less Than Festivals

In India, marriages are celebrated with equal aplomb as the festivals. Even people with modest livelihoods leave no stone unturned to make it as grand as possible. Indian marriages are marked with numerous customs – each celebrated with a lot of fun and exuberance. The main wedding day is filled with glitters and glow all over.

A wedding in the family is the chance for people to get out of their mundane life. They come in the best of their attires and wear their best jewelry. Everyone looks forward to a wedding occasion as it gives them a chance to meet each other and rejoice.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people get very less time to be with their loved ones. Our cousins who have been very close to us in our childhood, but have lost touch now, get a chance to come together once again and create memories once again. We meet, we share, we laugh, and we cry together, we get replenished and recharged!



Creative & Unique Wedding Photography Poses 2017

Photography with forced Indian wedding postures like the lady holding her forefinger under the button or the couple situated boringly on two indistinguishable honored positions was a piece of Indian wedding photography till mid 1990’s. This was a strategy of making wedding pictures with studio quality lighting at the wedding scene and was carried out by local photographers.

South Asian weddings are extremely loaded with custom and festivity that proceed for a few days. Many wedding traditions are normal among Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and even Muslims. They consolidate nearby, religious and family conventions. The time of Hindu wedding functions dates from the application lagan of tilak. In this post we have included most indian wedding photographs and excellent indian ladies photographs. i trust you will like these indian wedding photography motivation post.

Wedding Photography Collections 2017