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30+ Latest Simple Blouse Back Neck Designs 2022-2023

Wedlockindia is a one-stop blog for blouse designs in 2023. You will be very tired in searching on the internet in google or Pinterest about blouse designs images hope you will be flooded with blouse designs. Every women dream is to look beautiful in recent years costumes are kept on changing every month. From recent days dressing style is changed a lot now women started giving more importance to blouse than their sarees. Now, most women’s are putting more effort to make their blouse more beautiful than their saree. Spending most of the time researching the internet to find the right blouse designs for your sarees.

The blouse is a critical piece of the saree group and a correct fit and interestingly styled shirt upgrade the perfect looks of the saree. Despite the fact that trendy designer blouse looks very luxurious and trendy, sometimes even a simple blouse design will give a very rich look. The main goal of all blouse designers is to fit me perfect and the cut be classic

Blouse back neck design models in 2022 & 2023

Back neck designs are plenty of models like V back neck, halter neck, mesh/netback neck, low back neck blouse, pot neck, asymmetric back neck, boat neck, cut out back neck, round back neck, collar neck, square back neck, strings etc. and can always be customized with your personal style.

Are you looking for simple blouse designs photos?

On the Internet, you can able to find a lot of blouses back neck designs for heavy work and bridal collection but simple blouse designs collections are very limit. No worries you landed in a right here is the collection of simple blouse neck designs 2018 latest model image collections. We are not listing only the best blouse designs but you can find out unique blouse & different blouse designs.

Simple Blouse Neck Designs Collections from 2021 to 2023

We listed out the best latest blouse designs collections in 2018 & 2019-2020. Every year blouse designs models are kept on changing and updating the cape style model, cold shoulder design, half shoulder, and much more designs. See the below blouse designs and choose the best model for your saree. Don’t forget to save the designs you like.

1) Pink Embroidery Blouse with 3/4th Hands

Pink Color 3/4th hand blouse with hangings at the back – front and back neck model.Awesome Zari work designs on the blouse with the back open model. Instead of a Normal knot at the blouse back they match with a saree like a knot. Zari work blouse is very famous in recent days. If you like this image please save it.

Embroidery Pink Blouse Model

2) Silver Pattern Boat Neck Blouse

Boat neck blouse design in the latest trend in 2018 & 2019. This light blue blouse with a silver pattern like boat neck model, below the silver pattern beautiful embroidery of roses.Perfect match for light sarees. Below blouse model is the best suit for all age type from 18 to 60+

Flower patchwork in Cotton blouse

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3) Orange Blouse with Mirror Work at Back Neck

Orange color blouse mirror work blouse design with the knot.This blouse if a reflection and exemplification of perfect interest as our eyes stall out in adoration and all thing extravagant. Back open blouse best suit for girls with the age 18 to 40 age.

Back open neck blouse

4) Black Cotton Blouse with U Shape Design

Most women prefer designer blouse for occasions like wedding or functions but for normal occasions, everyone uses to choose a simple blouse design. This U shape model back neck model and border at the bottom. In the U shape design minute work on the sleeve and back neck. Choose this model for cotton sarees.

U Shape design in Back

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5) Simple V Neck blouse design

Simple blouse design image with small work in the hands. Violet Blouse with V Neck Shape – Salwar model blouse. This V Neck model is pretty same as the salwar kameez front neck pattern.

6) Bridal Blouse Designs Photo Collections

A bridal blouse is all time favorite for all women in this world. It is a kind of emotion for everyone. Here is the collection of bridal blouse design patterns only on hands. Candid photography becomes a mandatory one in 2018 so wedding blouse hands play a major role in photography. Rather than giving importance in blouse back neck side nowadays women giving more priority to bridal blouse designs on hands.

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7) Saree Border Work in Blouse Designs 2023

In North India sleeveless blouse is very famous one. Sleeveless Blouse with the knot at the back. Saree border is placed on the shoulder. You no need to keep the saree border at the bottom of the blouse. New model to stitch saree border on the shoulder.

Zari Work in blouse back neck

8) Zari Work Blouse Designs

Embroidering Blouse with big space at the back. Ladies are generally not able to move completely taken out in connection with obtaining garments, particularly perfect and provocative blouse or architect beautiful and stylish pullovers they consider to be appealing to expand their dress gathering simple design model in the blouse back neck design with the embroidery pattern.T his blouse design completely suits for cold shoulder blouse.

Red blouse with piping work

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9) Back Open Blue Blouse Designs

Short sleeve blouse model with Boat neck simple blouse back neck design. Aari works on the one side shoulder model. Buttons are beautifully designed straightly on the back neck. Blue blouse always best suits for girls with fair skin.

Dark Blue Blouse with stonework

10) Golden Blouse Designs Collections

Golden blouse design is all time favorite for all women. It suits all type of saree and all patters. When you stitch a net at the golden blouse backside it will be an adorable combination.

Golden blouse pattern

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11) Back Fully Open Blouse Designs

Stylish simple blouse with the knot. Fully open blouse patter best suit for normal sarees synthetic, crape and chiffon sarees. This is going to be a simple blouse design in the latest fashion trend.

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12) Pink Blouse with Pattern Work

The blouses these days can be sewn and furthermore it might be discovered instant. Regularly it is really made and in addition sewn to supplement the saree. Then again, it is fairly famous, at the show, never to meet the saree with the blouse

Front and back pink blouse design

13) Mirror Work Blouse Designs

This blouse design is all time favorite for all women.Mirror blouse design matches well with plain sarees than designer saree because if you do a heavy work on the saree and blouse it will be very odd to go with heavy mirror work in blouse design.

14) Saree Border Design with Puff Hands

Fully Customized blouse with knot and works but completely simple. Golden pattern with stonework on the plain black blouse with puffy hands. Usually puff hand is very famous in Kerala state.

Black Saree with Golden design

15) Boat Neck Cotton Blouse Designs

Blue boat neck blouse PA Neck model. Boat Neck blouse design suits for all women and it is the latest trend in 2018. Fully customized boat neck blouse is the latest trend on the internet.

16) Blouse Model When Tailor Stitch

Blouse model while stitching borders. This is how tailors will stitch the blouse and borders on the neck design. You may not see this shot. Stitching blouse is the major challenge for every tailor.

17) Blouse Back Neck Designs Collage

Choose your favorite blouse neck model 2018. There are almost 20+ back and front neck models are available. Choose the best model which suits you.

Collection of blouse back design

18) Saree Border in Neck Design

Pink blouse V Neck blouse model. Very simple blouse model in the recent days.Border in the blouse neck design and simple blouse border in hands. Usually in shops nowadays we are getting this readymade blouse border patterns.

19) Back Fully Open Blouse Designs

Black blouse border with beats at the layer. Most of the shops nowadays we are getting this beats strip so people who want to have simple blouse model so they are just stitching beats work in back neck and in hands.

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19) Princess Cut Blouse Designs

Saree Border is stitched at the blouse. Princess cut blouse is the best suit for this blouse model.

Collection of Blouse Designs Images. An image is very trending the on the internet for blouse designs. It contains the combination of all major simple blouse designs.

V Neck blouse Layer design. Border design stitch at the back side of the blouse with stonework in the border.V layer is the unique blouse model. Beats work is beautifully designed in the leaf-like model and stitched in a U shape pattern. Very simple and extraordinary blouse model of the year.

Pink Blouse simple design model.Plain mirror on the blouse front neck and 3/4th hands.No other designs other than this.Boat neck blouse design and buttons at the back of the princess cut.

Thanks for reading this article. Choose your best simple blouse designs 2018 collection and comment the same. To know more about latest fashion trend keep reading our blog

You can browse 1000+ blouse inspiration images as well as ideas in our wedlockindia articles

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